It’s a Jungle Out There! What Plants Are Safe for Your Cat?
It’s not uncommon for cat lovers to be plant lovers as well. Whether you have extensive outdoor gardens or simply have some potted plants indoors (or an extensive collection of indoor plants, like me), it’s vital that every cat owner know the...
Guests Allergic to Cats? 6 Tips for a More Comfortable Visit
  Guest post by Kristen Levine Kristen Levine Pet Living is the place for stories, science & advice for living happier and healthier with pets.   With the holiday season approaching, you may be making plans to entertain friends and family—either for...
The Purrrsuit of Happiness
  By Debbie Glovatsky This article originally appeared in Hamptons Pet magazine.   Falling in love with Waffles, the therapy cat in training. Late one night while browsing, I immediately fell in love with a tiny, orange kitten. The next day, I could not get to the shelter fast enough to scoop up this
Lessons from Your Cat: What Your Pet Can Teach You about Stress-Free Moving
No matter how much you prepare, moving is one of the most stressful things—for you and your pet. You’ll have paperwork, finances, work, and packing to juggle, not to mention worrying about how your cat will adjust. Instead of stressing out and...
Cat Travel Part II: Finding the Right Cat Carrier
Traveling with your cat? Choose the right carrier! Whether you’re moving to a new home, planning an extended road trip, or simply need to get your cat to the vet once a year, one essential piece of equipment every cat parent should have is a comfortable, durable cat carrier. Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled
The secret to tiny living with cats? Maximize vertical space.
Whether you’re a university student trying to fit your whole life into a small apartment, a senior citizen sizing down from a big house, or your home just isn’t that big, finding space to accommodate Kitty can be difficult. So what’s the secret to...
How to Take Your Cat on an Outdoor Adventure
Venturing outdoors stimulates and revitalizes your cat just as it does for humans. Have you ever heard your cat chattering by the window? You know she’s looking at the birdies, deciding which one to make her prey. But, you keep her well fed, so she’s not hunting because she’s hungry; yet she still spends all that
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