Litter-Robot Open Air Cabinet
Get the most out of your space with the Litter-Robot Open Air Cabinet. Simple and functional, the Litter-Robot Cabinet makes never scooping again that much nicer. The Litter-Robot simply slides under the cabinet, giving you access to the control panel and waste drawer, while providing a functional shelf above the unit. The high-quality wood, meticulous
What is a cat’s favorite kind of plant?
A Cat Tree, of course! What’s that you say? A cat tree is not actually a type of plant? Ah, well, I suppose not—but I think you will agree it is, nonetheless, a cat favorite. Cats love to lounge on their lofty ledges, slumber on their sun-drenched shelves, and play and peer from their prominent protrusions. Too
High Energy Cat Breeds
If you’ve been looking to adopt a cat, but you want an especially high-energy breed, then you’re in luck. The thoughtful folks at Purina have compiled a rather comprehensive list of the most high-energy cat breeds, and they’ve even given us a little tidbit of info on each of these vigorous kitties, as well! Abyssinian
Cats’ Ears And Hearing
Just as our ears serve more purpose than just looking odd beside our faces, so too are cats’ ears there for more than just adding shape to their heads. In fact, a cat’s ears do even more than just help it hear. The trusty sources at Animal Planet have once again delivered some really fascinating
Why Does My Cat Drool?
Your cat may let a little bit of saliva dribble out when very comfortable or very nervous. However, significant drooling is not a result of your cat smelling your delicious cooking, but more typically a sign of some potentially serious health issue. WebMD is here to help keep us informed on what some of these
How Long Do Cats Live?
What is the average lifespan of a domesticated housecat? Well, that’s a slightly difficult question to answer, or at least to answer precisely. The fact of the matter is that the age of a domesticated cat depends on a number of differing factors, and therefore varies considerably from cat to cat. However, Cat World is
Biggest Breeds Of Housecat
If you’re looking for a terrifically enormous cat to cuddle up with, then you should take a gander at these impressive felines. These breeds are at the top of every “Biggest Breeds of Housecat” list, and for good reason. Besides just being quite large, Pet Care RX informs us that they’ve also been bred to
Smallest Breeds Of Housecat
If you’re not looking for a behemoth of a cat, but, instead, you’re in the market for a particularly tiny kitty, then you may be interested in any of these breeds. Pets 4 Homes shares with us their list of the five smallest breeds of housecat, each one teensier and cuter than the last. So,
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