Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box: The Future Of Litter Box Technology
Are you sick and tired of repeated back-breaking crouches that bring you in close proximity to your cat’s waste? Thanks to the Litter-Robot™, those days are over! But, before you make any rash, impulsive decisions, why don’t we give it a little...
The Best Cat Furniture
  Sure, your cat loves you plenty, but sometimes it just wants to go play on stuff. You and your cat will love each other all the more if you get it some awesome play structures, especially if the alternative is your cat bouncing around and tearing up your furniture. Here is some of the
Business As Usual For Litter-Robot, SkyMall Retailer
The SkyMall bankruptcy will have no effect on its retailer, Litter-Robot Pontiac, MI – January 27, 2015 – The recent bankruptcy filing of the in-flight catalog, SkyMall, will have no effect on the pet product manufacturer, Automated Pet Care Products, or its...
Check out reviewing Litter-Robot (and others!) video review of Litter-Robot and more robots! Check out this review done by of the latest and greatest robots. Video will start at Litter-Robot’s section – you can re-watch if you’d like to see every robot reviewed!
What Do Cats Do All Day?
Article in our local paper on what cats do all day!
Litter-Robot Founder and CEO Brad Baxter in the News
Brad Baxter: Founder and President of Automated Pet Care Products Inc. in Pontiac. The company was founded in 1999 to create a new automatic self-cleaning litter box. The Litter-Robot made its market debut in April 2000. Made from recyclable plastics and industrial...
Irvine Animal Care Center
Litter Robot recently donated a Litter-Robot to the Irvine, (CA) Animal Care Center Super Pet Adoption and Auction event, where 350 homes were found for local shelter animals. $4,500 was raised by the silent auction, which will fund the Irvine Animal Care Center. The Irvine Animal Care Center will use the money for extended care
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