Make your CAT a STAR video entries to date
There’s still time to submit your video! Contest runs until July 1st (extended from June 1st). Winners announced July 8th. 1st Prize winner gets brand new ‘Bubble’ Unit Litter Robot. (10) 2nd Prize winners get a Litter Robot Ramp. See right hand column below for entry form. If you have submitted a video and don’t
Litter Robot Featured In NY Times!
Sensors and Chips Trained to Serve Pets By Sonia Zjawinski Published: May 20, 2009 Litter-Robot One thing I constantly hear while rescuing cats is, “I love them, but I hate litter boxes.” Who doesn’t? Try smart engineering instead. Plenty of litter boxes have claimed automated self-cleaning, but the Litter-Robot is the only one I’ve seen
Litter-Robot Video Entries Part III
Litter Robot Feline PoopyCam Litter Robot Cat Using Litter Robot Litter Robot in Action Callie loves the litter robot I, Robot
More Litter-Robot Video Entries Part II
Little Shirley & the Litter Robot Emma – not very smart Litter Robot Antics Alibaba and OUR Champion-Litter Robot Oli and Litter Robot litterrobot jasper fetching and using litter robot
Make Your Cat A Start Entries Part IV
Mia using Litter Robot! Tanta and the Litter Robot 2009 Callie, The Litter-Robot Star Litter-Robot & Sasha Tigers Litter Robot MOV00397 MOV00407
Litter-Robot Celebrates Earth Day!
Celebrate Earth Day and enter to win a FREE ECO Unit Litter-RobotTM made from 100% recycled plastics! Earth Day was founded in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson (1916-2005), a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin.  At the time (and of course, still today) there was growing concern about population growth and its effect on the environment and April
True Green
So What Makes a Product ‘Green’? Most agree that using recycled materials (like our ECO Unit) constitutes a green product.  While using recycled materials is great, it’s only part of the story.  It has become the norm to buy cheap throw-away, land-fill clogging products.  If a product is cheap enough, why worry about how long
New Product Enhancements!
New Bubble Globe and Lip Extender Due to the many requests for a larger Globe we are pleased to introduce our latest enhancement……the Bubble Globe. A skylight-type window mounted to the back wall of the Globe adds about 3 inches in the front-to-back depth of the litter chamber and provides natural lighting to the litter
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