Why Do Cats Get Stuck in Things?
Don’t Hide—Unless You’re a Cat Our parents often encourage us to face our problems. Deal with things head-on, confront the issue, put it all out on the table. Don’t let things bottle up, you’ll explode! We were taught to develop productive ways to address issues, so we don’t carry enormous amounts of stress and get
Merry Christmas!
I purchased a Litter-Robot a few years ago, after a friend told me he had one and loved it.    I love it too.  This past July  my daughter was complaining about having to clean litter boxes for her 4 cat,  so I decided to surprise her and get her an early Christmas gift.  On the
Such A Great Invention!
We have had our litter robot for 3 months. BEST purchase ever! We have 3 cats who use the litter robot and it is amazing how easily they took to it. Was a super easy transition and the weekly maintenance on the box is simple. This product is worth DOUBLE the price it is such
Check out reviewing Litter-Robot (and others!) video review of Litter-Robot and more robots! Check out this review done by of the latest and greatest robots. Video will start at Litter-Robot’s section – you can re-watch if you’d like to see every robot reviewed!
The 2012 Litter-Robot Video Contest top 8 entries
The 2012 Litter-Robot Video Contest top 8 entries are here! The videos appear on the list in order of number of YouTube views. Winners have not yet been chosen. We will choose our final 6 winners, including the $1,000 first place winner, very soon! Enjoy the videos! The instructions were to create a video
Easy Cleaning
I have just completed my twice-annual wash-down and disinfecting of my litter boxes and I just had to send you a comment about Litter Robot. I have 4 cats, down from 6 (old age), 4 regular litter boxes and 1 litter robot. I couldn’t believe how EASY it was to wash down the litter robot
Funny Caption Contest
Meet Frankenkitty…one of our Halloween Costume Contest submissions! Contestants sent  us their most creative captions for this picture for a chance to win a FREE 2011 Litter-Robot Cat Calendar! Congratulations to Elisa for her winning caption: “Does this make my head look big?”
September 19 – 26 is ‘Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week!’
Meet Lacy from the Michigan Animal Rescue League. Lacy is 11-years-old and has been declawed on all four paws. As a senior, it is more difficult to find Lacy a forever home, so we are placing her in our spotlight! She slightly...
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