BEST Litter Pan around!!!
The money I spent on Litter-Robot was the best investment I made as a cat owner!!
I’ve had the original Litter Robot for 5 years and counting…
Add me to the thousands others that think the Litter Robot is the coolest necessity for a cat.
We LOVE our new “Bubble ‘Bot!”
This company is fabulous about listening to user feed back to constantly improve their product.
Love it! Love it! Love it!
I have three cats so needless to say no matter how hard I tried, it always smelled no matter how many times I cleaned the litter box. Well, I got my 1st Litter-Robot yesterday and just had to write you today!
Litter-Robot Celebrates Earth Day!
Celebrate Earth Day and enter to win a FREE ECO Unit Litter-RobotTM made from 100% recycled plastics! Earth Day was founded in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson (1916-2005), a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin.  At the time (and of course, still today) there was growing concern about population growth and its effect on the environment and April
True Green
So What Makes a Product ‘Green’? Most agree that using recycled materials (like our ECO Unit) constitutes a green product.  While using recycled materials is great, it’s only part of the story.  It has become the norm to buy cheap throw-away, land-fill clogging products.  If a product is cheap enough, why worry about how long
Reconditioned Unit Still Going
I had previously owned a litter maid and another automated litter box. With three indoor cats, I really need a quality litter box.
Thanks for the World’s Greatest Litter Box!!
this is a great way to clean the environment !!
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