I love the litter robot.
I love the litter robot. Its worth every penny!!!
Wish I Had This a Long Time Ago!
I have not purchased cat litter since I bought the Litter-Robot (used to go through 40lbs/month) and only need to empty it every two weeks of litter.
1 year and still going strong
Bought our reconditioned unit over a year ago and It saves us lots of time digging for kitty gold! I empty it just once every 6-7 days for our two cats.40lb of litter lasts a long time, 2+ months!
Love your product…
Love your product and glad to see you are offering the eco model (recycled plastic)...
This is a wonderful product.
It works as promised and all I need to do is dump a bag of poop once a week and occasionally add more litter. No more poop smells in the house either.
This thing is a life saver!
It came highly recommended from a friend who has three cats, and I was impressed with it then.
I purchased the newest litter-robot with the “bay-window”
I know it seems a little bit on the expensive side, but it’s worth the money you pay for it!
Facebook Fan Page for Litter Robot
It's been a year or so since we bought it and I decided to find a Facebook page to join...
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