Do cats need to drink fresh water?
Cats need water to maintain their health and prevent illness. Without water on a daily basis, even healthy cats can develop dehydration, potentially exacerbating otherwise minor issues. Urine can become concentrated, leading to bladder infections or stones or regular grooming can more quickly lead to hairballs. Learn how to add more water to your cat’s diet and get
Enrichment Tips for Cats (That Many People Miss)
75% of cats have a moderately-enriched environment, and there are some easy ways to improve.
Easy Ways to Reduce Your Pet’s Carbon Footprint
Living an eco-friendly lifestyle depends not only on the choices we make for ourselves, but on those we make for our pets. It can be easy to pick up another toy or toss out a whole tray of litter without considering the environmental impact...
Spring Cleaning When You Live With Cats
Any cat lover can tell you that while they make wonderful companions, cats make the messiest roommates. From the litter box to the feeding area to the shedding on your couch (and your bed, bathmats, computer chair), it can feel like there’s always something to clean—and it never stays that way. Your cleaning routine might involve
How to Help a Stray Cat
Finding a stray cat can be a heart-wrenching, confusing, and potentially dangerous experience. With an estimated 70 million cats roaming freely in the US, it’s likely you or someone you know will encounter one. We checked in with the folks at The Humane Society to find out how to help a stray pet. Stray vs.
How to Find the Right Veterinarian for Your Cat
Finding the right veterinarian is essential to your cat’s lifelong health and happiness. It’s common to go to the cheapest or the closest office—two important factors—but you should consider more than price and convenience when choosing your pet’s doctor. Think about how you choose your own doctors. Health insurance aside, would you go to the cheapest one? Maybe, but
My cat caught a mouse. Now what?
Not Just a Game The classic cat and mouse game. You can imagine this idiom in one of two ways. Maybe you think of it as a guy chasing a girl for her affection, being thwarted, enduring failed attempts, but persevering nonetheless. Or, as a cat parent, you think of it as an actual cat and mouse
Does my cat hate me?
Cats hating all of humankind. Cats plotting to kill their owners. Cats taking over the world. Cats are often portrayed in these villainous roles on TV, the Internet, and in movies. Some cat owners actually think their cat hates not only them, but the world, and they don’t know how to handle it. If you
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