5 Cats – 5 Litter-Robots – Very Happy
I purchased 5 Litter-Robot’s for our 5 house cats and am very pleased! I typically empty the waste sack 1x per week but could wait even 2 or 3 weeks without a problem. I do have 1 overweight cat that can not use it and 1 very skiddish cat that will not use it-unfortunately! Very
Litter-Robot Vs. Littermaid
I love love love it. I used to use the LitterMaid but I found that it seemed to be manufactured more flimsily over the years. When my cat got older (she lived past 21), she drank lots of water and made very large pee clumps. The LitterMaid could not handle the weight of these clumps.
7 Cats – 3 Open-Air’s: LOVE THEM!
I’ve used litter robots for many years. I’ve given litter-robots as gifts for friends and also a rescue group. I have 7 cats (all rescues). We now own 3 Open Air robots (we have a chubby boy) and love them! We wouldn’t be able to have 7 cats if it weren’t for the Litter Robots.
No Way I Could Live Without It
An absolute must have if you own a cat or cats. This is the best investment you can make for your cat and yourself. Very convenient, very easy to clean and best of all is you don’t have to clean every day. Your cat will also thank you for having a clean box after every
Overall – worth the purchase!
We love our litter robot! It does exactly what it claims to do. There is no scooping required. We have 2 – 6 month old kittens. With the robot we change the bag 2 time per week. Any bag will work in the machine. I use kroger brand 13 gallon bags. You might be able
Couldn’t live without my robots!
I had 2 litter robot bubble units for about 7 years and they both slowly died. Did not realize i could replace motors. But after 4 months of cleaning manual litter boxes, I bought 2 new open air units and my 7 cats and I are very happy. This is vastly improved unit with all
Beyond Impressed
We purchased the Open Air model and I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the quality and how well it works. Our cat was curious as we put it in the place of his old box and before you know it he was using it. The funny part is now we watch him
Best Purchase EVER!
One of the best purchases I have ever made, after an injury to knees and back I could not get in the “scooping position” to get the job done properly, a friend told me about litter robot and I love it…going on two years now!! Thank you, worth every penny and then some and saves
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