Best Invention Ever!
One of the best things ever invented!! I received one as a gift for my two cats. Set-up was easy. My cats were hesitant for a few days but I sprayed the inside with a little catnip and they have used it ever since. It works fine for my big 16 lb boy. Every 6-7
5 Year Review –
First off a great company that stands behind their product. I’ve had my litter robot over 5 years. I did so much research before buying. It was originally purchased for a 25 lb rag doll, many automatic litter boxes could not handle the size of his waste. He loved it. I have the bubble unit
Great product for cats and pet parents!
I have two sphynx cats. The older one (female) took to the Litter Robot by the second day, and has consistently used it ever since. The younger male, however is a different story. After 5 weeks, he still would not go in it unless there were treats inside, and then he would eat the treats
7 Cats – Litter-Robot is Amazing
I absolutely love these machines. I have 7 cats (I adopted one,saved two and helped a mama and babies who were starving and abandoned)and have trained them all with different personalities to use the litter robot with no accidents. I have also trained my daughters three cats and my sons two while he lived with
It has revolutionized the experience of being a cat parent
bought a Litter Robot more than five years ago and have been extremely happy with it; more importantly, so have the cats. It has revolutionized the experience of being a cat parent, alleviating stress, guilt, scooping and smell. My two cats took...
Do cats sweat?
The short answer is yes cats do sweat, but not quite like we humans do. Overheating can be a serious issue, so it’s to take some preventative measures. Although there are a number of ways your cat can cool itself, an overheated cat can be medically problematic and will require preventative measures to keep your
Best Purchase Ever!
The Litter-Robot is the best cat equipment purchase I have ever made. My three cats adjusted to it much quicker than I ever hoped. I tried another automatic litter system and my cats preferred the floor to the unit. Even my scaredy-cat uses it with no problem. My husband is has ALS so all of
Can’t live without it!
Hi. I have four cats and can’t believe anyone would have cats without a litter robot. It’s worth every penny. I have had mine for about 4 years. I have abused it terribly. I dump the drawer maybe once a week or two weeks. It’s outside now in a dog house tent I got for
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