We Love Our Litter-Robot!
I have been using the robot for about a year now, and it is by far the best investment I made into owning a cat. I have cat allergies, and cleaning the litter from one pan with one cat could knock me out for hours. Now with the robot it is once a week, services
Absolutely Love These Machines!
I absolutely love these machines. I have 7 cats (I adopted one,saved two and helped a mama and babies who were starving and abandoned)and have trained them all with different personalities to use the litter robot with no accidents. I have also trained my daughters three cats and my sons two while he lived with
Calmest Breeds of Housecat
Whether your kids have moved out and you are relishing that new-found peace, or you have young children that need a playful and tame companion, some cats better than others. If you’re looking for a cat with a demeanor on the calmer side you may want to look into these breeds recommended by Purina. Birman
Great Customer Service!
The customer service from this company is the best. They stand behind their product. They are very prompt to respond to a customer’s problem! Thank you! – Karen L.
Can cats drink milk?
Images of cats lapping milk from a saucer run deep in popular culture, from cartoons to the big screen. These may paint an adorable picture, but is milk healthy for your kitty? The short answer is that while cats can drink small amounts of milk, their digestive systems are not equipped with the right enzymes to
Just Bought My Second!
Just bought my second litter robot, love this thing! – Samantha G.
Don’t Think Twice About It – Great Investment!
How Many Cats: 3 Adults Over 11 Pounds How Often I change The Drawer: ONLY 4-5 times a week! As odd as this may sound, I am IN LOVE with our new Litter Robot! I am disabled, and the last automatic Litter...
18 Months of Greatness!
I’ve had my robot for 18 months. Works like a dream. Never,ever a single problem. Love it! I’m a woman with zero handy skills, but I set it up without asking my husband for help. It’s great for vacation too. With one cat, it only needs emptying once every 7 days. My neighbor is thrilled
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