Just Bought My Second!
Just bought my second litter robot, love this thing! – Samantha G.
Don’t Think Twice About It – Great Investment!
How Many Cats: 3 Adults Over 11 Pounds How Often I change The Drawer: ONLY 4-5 times a week! As odd as this may sound, I am IN LOVE with our new Litter Robot! I am disabled, and the last automatic Litter...
18 Months of Greatness!
I’ve had my robot for 18 months. Works like a dream. Never,ever a single problem. Love it! I’m a woman with zero handy skills, but I set it up without asking my husband for help. It’s great for vacation too. With one cat, it only needs emptying once every 7 days. My neighbor is thrilled
No Adjustment Time Needed!
Best litter box ever used. My babies took to it almost immediately and I love it, what a time saver, litter saver, bag saver and all round great machine. It is bulky so you need a place with enough room for it to turn but to me that’s minor when it is keeping things clean
New Open Air – Great Job!
I just received my Litter Robot Open Air today. I just want to personally say thank you a million times over for this amazing product. So far, 2 out of the 4 cats have used the unit. It did not take any effort at all…they were anxious to check it out literally 5 minutes after
Isabella Love her Litter-Robot
Our Devon Rex “Isabella” loves her litter robot. I really like how clean and easy it is. No smell and no mess. I highly recommend this product. We have had the unit for 3 years and it continues to work beautifully. – Anne C.
What You Need to Know About Having a Cat in Your Apartment
Can you get away with sharing an apartment with a feline roommate? Landlords are generally more lenient about letting tenants keep cats than dogs. In general, cats are smaller than dogs and actually prefer confined spaces, so an apartment is a rather...
Why Do Cats Get Stuck in Things?
Why do cats hide? Our parents often encourage us to face our problems. Deal with things head-on, confront the issue, put it all out on the table. Don’t let things bottle up, you’ll explode! We were taught to develop productive ways to address issues, so we don’t carry enormous amounts of stress and get stuck
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