Pro User Nancy
We love our Litter Robot! Six months ago, I was tired of cleaning out litter boxes. My husband was working long hours and we had 6 cats. We finally, after days of research, decided to buy two automated litter boxes, Litter robot and another top rated automatic litter box. We purchased the Litter Robot with
Pro User Teri
I hated cleaning the litter in my old-fashioned litter boxes. My daughter has tried more than one brand of the first version of automatic litter boxes, and complained that all of them clogged up. So I researched the next level of automatic litter boxes, and decided on the Litter-Robot. BEST DECISION EVER! I have two
Anyone that has cats should get one of these.
We have 10 cats and 2 litter robots. It’s wonderful to not have to clean out 10 litter boxes every day. We now change out the drawers every 3 to 4 days. When we had the old litter boxes it hurt my back to clean them out. Now, it takes about a minute to change
What a great product and worth every penny!
Thought you might like to hear that we bought our LitterRobot 12/22/2004! Had to replace something on it in 2008 otherwise it’s still going strong. What a great product and worth every penny! We live in Minnesota and the LitterRobot has been hauled to Nevada and back with our 2 cats twice. Can’t imagine being
This thing is priceless.
Over the years, I have thrown my money away with every piece of littler box equipment invented. The pads, the sifter, the tilt-the-box, the “absorbent” pebbles and crystals, the diaper-dropper container contraption…you name it. The Litter Robot is the last piece of equipment I need to ever buy. No more nauseating smell, wasting plastic bags,
Of all the appliances in our house, the Litter Robot ranks among the top 3
Of all the appliances in our house, the Litter Robot ranks among the top 3, prob at the very top followed by the instant hot water and the dishwasher. I can’t imagine life without it. It lasts about 4 years, and then...
Get a Litter Robot, you will NOT regret it.
I have five cats. Normally, my house smells like I have cats, not bad, just smells like pets. It has been 5 days since I received and set up this glorious machine. Within minutes of setting it up, I didn’t even get the chance to turn it on before two of my cats hopped in
No dust, no smell, minimal litter tracked throughout the house so this thing is a winner.
We have 6 cats and looked at the Cat Genie automatic litter box but that unit requires a water source and sewer connection in addition to special litter and cleaning products. The initial cost of that unit is less than the Litter...
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