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Cat Health

Allergies in Cats: How To Tell

Usually when we talk about cats and allergies, we’re talking about runny-nosed humans with itchy eyes. But cats can have allergies too, even serious ones! Detect cat allergies and find solutions in this helpful guide. Is it an allergy or something else? Learn more here.

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The Truth Behind Whisker Fatigue

Whisker fatigue may sound like something dreamed up by kitty hypochondriacs, but evidence suggests that it’s quite real. Learn about whisker fatigue and the best cat food bowls for your feline. Shallow cat food dishes can help with cat whisker issues.

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Keeping a Single Cat Content

If you are the parent of a single cat, there are plenty of things you can do to keep him purring by making his life stimulating and enjoyable. Spend quality time, provide toys, create a kitty playground, and bring the outside in!

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Cat Allergies: Why are so many people allergic?

There may be no single thing as irritating and aggravating as pet allergies. Contrary to popular belief, your cat’s fur or hair is not the real reason you are allergic. The allergenic culprit is actually a protein found in your cat’s saliva, urine, and dander. Learn more here!

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Pet Fire Safety

National Pet Fire Safety Day reminds the millions of pet lovers out there how to safeguard their homes, families, and pets from fire. Simple preventative measures can mean the difference between life and death for your four-legged friends. Protect your pet from fire dangers with these fire safety tips.

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Cat Hairball Remedies

Learn why hairballs occur and find out how to prevent and treat them. One of the best hairball remedies is to help your cat groom. Weekly brushing of shorthaired cats and daily brushing of longhaired cats, especially in the spring, will reduce the amount of hair the cat ingests.

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5 Steps to Introducing Your New Kitten to Your Resident Cat

Getting a kitten is one of the most exciting things that can happen in life. However, if you already have a resident kitty at home, there are some necessary steps to take in order to ensure that both cats live harmoniously. Use these five steps to introduce your new kitten to your resident cat without any guesswork or worries!

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Is your cat bilingual?

Cats have learned that humans—unlike other types of animals that rely on scent and body positioning—respond best to vocalizations. Read about cat vocalizations and learn what they mean. We cover the meow, trilling, and how your cat tries to communicate.

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It’s Kitten Season! Here’s How to Help!

It’s Kitten Season! Every mother cat typically bears three to five kittens starting in spring and peaking in late spring/early summer. Learn how to help your local animal shelters during busy this busy time by fulfilling wish lists, fostering, or adopting.


How Many Litter-Robots for How Many Cats?

Find out how many Litter-Robot automatic self-cleaning litter boxes you’ll need for your cats, whether it’s a few or a dozen. This infographic also breaks down how often you should be emptying the Waste Drawer.

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Does your cat have a drinking problem?

Learn why cat hydration is important and read all about water and food bowl spacing. If you notice that your cat visits the feeding station to eat, but skips over the water dish, the close proximity of the two bowls could be bothering your cat. Consider getting your cat a water fountain!

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The Slow Blink and Why You Should Use It

Whether or not the slow blink is actually a gesture of affection is up for debate. Cats possess complex body language that we’re still trying to decipher. Read about the slow blink, how cats communicate with humans, and what it all means.

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Cat Travel Part I: Lodging

Whether you’re moving across the country or taking an extended vacation, there are many issues to consider when road tripping with your cat. Follow a few simple precautions when choosing lodgings to ensure a safe and calm extended trip with your cat.

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6 Common Microchip Misconceptions

Many cats don’t wear collars or identification tags, or they become separated from their collar once lost. Only a microchip can provide permanent identification that cannot fall off, be removed, or become difficult to read. Learn important information about microchipping your pet for protection.

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Do cats need to drink fresh water?

It’s very important to provide your feline friend with fresh water. Cats need water to maintain their health and prevent illness. Without water on a daily basis, even healthy cats can develop dehydration, potentially exacerbating otherwise minor issues.


Easy Ways to Reduce Your Pet’s Carbon Footprint

It can be easy to pick up another toy or toss out a whole tray of litter without considering the environmental impact of those actions. Your pet care habits, however, from feeding to accessorizing to waste management, do add up, leaving a surprisingly large carbon footprint.

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How to Help a Stray Cat

With an estimated 70 million cats roaming freely in the US, it’s likely you or someone you know will encounter a stray cat. Recognize the difference between a stray cat and a feral cat, and learn how to rescue and help a stray cat for a happy outcome.

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How to Find the Right Veterinarian for Your Cat

Finding the right veterinarian is essential to your cat’s lifelong health and happiness. It’s common to go to the cheapest or the closest office—two important factors—but you should consider more than price and convenience when choosing your pet’s doctor.

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My cat caught a mouse. Now what?

Your cat caught a mouse. Now what? Cats have a desire to catch things and hunt. This is why cats adore playing with toys that tease them. Read about why cats love to chase mice and learn prevention techniques.

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Does my cat hate me?

The good news is, no, your cat does not actually hate you. But the bad news is that this doesn’t necessarily mean they love you in the way you hope. He just sees you as his equal. Learn about cat behavior and tendencies.

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Should you declaw your cat? No!

Once considered a safe and routine procedure, views on declawing have changed. In fact, the evidence against elective declawing is overwhelming. Learn about the risks and alternatives to declawing your cat.