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Cat Facts

High-Energy Cat Breeds

If you’ve been looking to adopt a cat, but you want an especially high-energy breed, then you’re in luck. Find out about high energy cat breeds, such as the Burmese, Ocicat, Toyger and more.

Cat Facts

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Ever wonder why your cat has whiskers? Turns out that they’re not just meant to give your cat a more majestic look. Your cat’s whiskers actually serve a few vital functions in their everyday comings and goings.

Cat Facts

A Cat’s Ears And Hearing

A cat’s ears do even more than just help it hear. The trusty sources at Animal Planet have delivered some really fascinating and even surprising facts about cats’ ears and their sense of hearing.

Cat Facts, Cat Health

Why Does My Cat Drool?

Your cat may let a little bit of saliva dribble out when very comfortable or very nervous. However, significant drooling is not a result of your cat smelling your delicious cooking, but more typically a sign of some potentially serious health issue.

Cat Facts

Biggest Cat Breeds

If you’re looking for a terrifically enormous cat to cuddle up with, then you should take a gander at these impressive felines. These breeds are at the top of every “Biggest Breeds of Housecat” list, and for good reason.

Cat Facts

Smallest Cat Breeds

If you’re in the market for a particularly tiny kitty, then you may be interested in any of these smallest cat breeds. If you want a cat that will look and feel like a kitten forever, you may want to give these breeds a try!

Cat Facts

What Does Catnip Do To Cats?  

There’s no denying the joy that is brought about (both for you and your cat) when you introduce a little catnip into your kitty’s playtime. So what does catnip do to cats to get them so darn riled up? Read all about catnip and discover its properties.

Cat Facts

Why Does My Cat Purr?

What’s really causing your cat to purr like a small, yet consistent motor? That is still not entirely clear, we have some insight into a few possible reasons for this perplexing behavior.

Cat Humor

Cats Drinking From Water Fountains

Whether you’re a human, a canine or a feline, you know that wonderful, glorious feeling when your overwhelming thirst is quenched, and you can finally lie back and relax completely. That’s how kitties feel when they get access to the water fountains.

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Bringing Home Your New Kitten

To a brand new kitten, everything in its world is new, exciting, but also potentially frightening. Your kitten is also very fragile and vulnerable, so it’s important to take extra special care of it. Here, from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), are some ways to help ease your kitten into its new life in your home.

Cat Health, Cat Tips

How To Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

Your cat’s dental hygiene is just as important as your dental hygiene, so it’s a must to keep your cat’s teeth nice and clean. Here, courtesy of the ASPCA, are some tips on how to keep your cat’s oral hygiene in order and, when the time comes, how to brush your cat’s teeth, too.


The Self-Cleaning Litter Box For Multiple Cats

Read about self-cleaning litter boxes for multiple cats. If you love your big family of kitties, but you’re having trouble managing all of their many waste receptacles, then perhaps you need something simpler. The Litter Robot! Our automatic litter box for multiple cats cleans up after each cat!

Cat Health

Cat Pregnancy: What To Expect When Your Cat Is Expecting

You may be feeling slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of your cat’s pregnancy, but you can rest assured that you, your cat and your cat’s new kittens are going to be just fine. According to the very competent sources at WebMD, here’s a basic rundown of things to keep in mind when your cat is expecting.

Cat Tips

Best Cat Urine Cleaner

No matter how well-trained your cat is, you’re bound to run into the occasional accident. Before you go pouring bleach all over your home, take a look at these helpful tips for cat urine cleanup. You may just be surprised by how effective some of these quick and easy homemade cat urine cleaners can be.


Cat Rescue: Preparing For Adoption

Adopting a kitten, or even an adult cat, is a great way to find love and companionship that might make you and a feline friend very happy. Here’s a little insight into how to go about the process of finding and bringing into your home a new kitty.

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Hours Of Fun With Cats And Laser Pointers

Playing with your cat is a very important aspect of cat ownership. Sometimes, though, you might not feel up to moving about as excitedly as your cat might. You can use a laser pointer to engage with your cat while you get the rest that you might need. Here are some things to remember when using a laser pointer to play with your cat.