The Litter-Robot Gave Us Our Lives Back
I have had my litter robot now over 3 years. My two cats, husband, and I are just as happy with it today as we were on day one. One of our cats will find other places to use the bathroom if his litterbox is not spotless. We had tried other self cleaning litterboxes just
Great Machine
Great Machine, Our cat started using it from the 1st day… Great Idea, and so simple… My hat is off to you all Ray Ocoee, FL
I take my hat off to this company
the customer service provided for what minor problems I’ve had was A+
Nicest and most helpful customer service ever!
Fast response and very courteous!
Clean up is a breeze
This is the first (and only, as far as I can tell)) automated litter box cleaner that actually works.
Litter Robot Early Adopter, Evangelist and Repeat Customer!!
I just ordered my third litter robot as I've adopted a third cat and need an additional box. I also ordered the cabinet to hide the litter robot and make it look more like furniture.
purchased this for my sister and she loves it
In time I plan to get a cat or two and would be purchasing this for me
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