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Compurr And Contrast
Litter-Robot vs. ScoopFree

We strive to compare Litter-Robot with ScoopFree Original and ScoopFree Ultra in an objective manner through compiled customer testimonials and reviews, product descriptions and features pulled from various e-commerce and retail listings, and other impartial sources, including Petco.com, Amazon.com, and Chewy.com.

About Litter-Robot

Litter-Robot senses when your cat enters and exits the globe, which triggers a countdown timer and cleaning cycle. Once the cleaning cycle begins, the patented sifting system harnesses gravity to separate waste from clean litter, depositing the clumps into a waste drawer for easy disposal. Litter-Robot 3 Connect is WiFi-enabled, allowing you to view the waste drawer level, get notifications, troubleshoot, and see complete usage history for insights into your cat's health via the Connect app.

About ScoopFree Original & ScoopFree Ultra

ScoopFree Original has sensors that detect when your cat uses the litter box and start the rake timer. During this time, the pre-filled crystal litter works to absorb moisture and odors and start dehydrating solid waste. Twenty minutes later, the automatic rake sweeps through the litter, pushing waste into the covered waste trap and locking away odors. ScoopFree Ultra includes a privacy hood and health counter to track your cat’s usage.

Litter-Robot 3 1
ScoopFree 2
Buying Overview
Rating (out of 5)*
LR 3: $449 // LR 3 Connect: $499
Original: $134.95 // Ultra: $164.95
Money-Back Guarantee
90-day money-back
30-day money-back
18 months; extended 3-year warranty at checkout:
$49.99; extended 3-year warranty after purchase: $99.99
1-year limited warranty
Tech Specs
Dimensions & Weight
29.5"H x 24.25"W x 27"D
24 lbs.
16"H x 19"W x 27.5"D
18-20 lbs.
Assembly Required
Yes; no tools required to assemble
Installation Requirements
Electrical outlet; clean, dry, and level location
Electrical outlet; clean, dry, and level location
Product Features
How It Works
After the cat leaves the box, the globe rotates to separate the clean litter from the clumps and drops the waste into a drawer
The rake system sweeps the waste into a covered compartment 20 minutes after the cat exits
Delay Before Cycle
3, 7, or 15 minutes (adjustable)
5, 10, or 20 minutes (adjustable)
Rotation stops if cat enters, then waits 15 seconds before resuming the clean cycle; anti-pinch detection stops the cycle and reverses for 2 seconds
If a cat enters during cleaning, the rake will stop and the timer will reset itself for 5, 10, or 20 minutes after the cat leaves
Frequency of Waste Disposal & Cleaning
Empty drawer every 7-10 days for one cat Deep clean twice per year
Replace litter tray every 20-30 days for one cat Clean a few times per year
Special Supplies Needed
None; use any 8-13 gal trash bag as a waste drawer liner
ScoopFree litter and trays
Type of Litter
Any clumping
Premium Blue Crystal litter
Special Features
Enlarged entryway and litter chamber, automatic night light, adjustable cycle timer, control panel lockout, 8-hour sleep mode, drawer full indication; Litter-Robot 3 Connect sends notifications to your phone
Disposable litter trays with leak-proof lining, crystal litter absorbs odor, privacy hood, adjustable rake delay, health counter
Litter-Robot 3 Connect is WiFi-enabled; remotely monitor and control a single unit or multiple
Cat Specs
Can be used in semi-automatic mode
Older than 6 months
Size of Cat
5 to 25+ lbs.
Less than 15 lbs.
1-4 cats
1-2 cats
1 Source: Litter-Robot.com
2 Sources: https://bit.ly/2qnnQtF, https://bit.ly/2ol9Wa7, https://bit.ly/2Pde4UO, https://amzn.to/2f1P1ar, https://bit.ly/2Pfjyi4, https://bit.ly/2DUoRxk
*Average rating based on reviews from e-commerce sites where product is sold, including Petco, Amazon, Chewy, Walmart, Wayfair, PetSmart, and eBay, and Google reviews where applicable.

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