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How It Works

Solving the Litter Box.

The Litter-Robot’s patented sifting system uses an elegant combination of time, rotation, and gravity to automatically process your cat’s waste so you don’t have to.

How it works

Reimagining the Litter Box Through Technology.

Instead of pushing or pulling waste clumps with problem-prone rakes that clog up, the Litter-Robot’s sifting system takes advantage of gravity to simplify the process resulting in a clean, level bed of litter after each use.

Freedom From Scooping

In Five Simple Steps

Engineered to Delight

Intuitive Design Meets Smart Engineering

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Ensuring Safety
For Your Cat

Our pinch detech safety mechanism ensures that your Litter-Robot will not operate in the event an object is detected that hinders rotation.

Modular Design
With Purpose

Our four-part system (base, globe, bonnet, and drawer) will allow you to easily access and clean or service your Litter-Robot.

No Special

Careful consideration was given to the size of the waste drawer to ensure proper waste management and to allow you to utilize any 13-gallon trash bag.

When The
Time Is Right

With the technology of our Drawer Full Indicator, your Litter-Robot will notify you when it’s time to empty the waste drawer.

Have a Truly
Good Night

As a direct result from customer feedback, the Litter-Robot now has an automatic night light that will help your elderly cat to find her bathroom in the dark.

It Really Just
Makes Sense

Out Litter-Robot relies on cat sensing technology to detect when she enters and exits, ensuring the unit will never automatically cycle while your cat is inside.

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