Modern Cat Furniture

From zoomies to naptime: We've got your home decor needs covered with modern pet furniture.*

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  1. Tapis de capture de litière Litter-Robot™

    Tapis de capture de litière Litter-Robot™

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Versatile Litter-Robot and cat litter box furniture

Reclaim the elegance of your home décor while catering to your cat’s needs with our line of modern furniture designed to ingeniously conceal your litter box or Litter-Robot.

Dually functional as a tasteful home furnishing while easily accommodating either Litter-Robot or a conventional litter box. Our Litter-Robot furniture represents the well-integrated combination of your cat’s private business and aesthetic home decor. Your cat will have easy access to their litter box and lots of privacy—and your guests will be none the wiser! Hidden cat litter box furniture like this cat cabinet or credenza help further reduce odors and provide practical storage space, completely concealing the Litter-Robot or your litter box when viewed from the front. Choose from modern farmhouse styles or a sleek coffee oak finish for an industrial interior design style.

Hidden cat litter box furniture

Tired of unsightly litter boxes compromising the aesthetic of your home? Switch to a new self-cleaning litter box with a sleek design or explore our collection of hidden cat litter box furniture that combines functionality with style. Choose from a variety of designs that seamlessly blend into your home, ensuring that your cat's private space doesn't disrupt your interior design.

If you are a fan of coastal or modern farmhouse decor, our Coastal Credenza’s light colors will enhance the look of your home while discreetly hiding the litter box.

If you are a fan of industrial interior design, the dark wood and black metal accents of our Litter Box Storage Cabinet are what you need.

Love the smooth look of grey wood? Our Corner Credenza will complement your decor seamlessly.

Litter-Robot furniture

Bundle cat litter box furniture with our automatic litter box and combine convenience with style. Our Litter-Robot furniture is designed specifically to house and conceal your Litter-Robot—a self-cleaning litter box. These furniture pieces are stylish, functional, and give added privacy to your feline while maintaining the elegance of your home décor. Choose from our diverse range of hidden cat litter box furniture options to pair with Litter-Robot.

Interested in Litter-Robot 4? Check out our Litter-Robot 4 and Coastal Credenza Bundle or Litter-Robot 4 and Storage Cabinet Bundle. These cat litter box furniture options were designed specifically with the Litter-Robot 4 dimensions in mind and redefine how you incorporate your cat’s essentials into your living space.

If you prefer the Litter-Robot 3 Connect instead, choose our Litter-Robot 3 Coastal Credenza Bundle or Litter-Robot 3 Storage Cabinet Bundle and save up to $50.

These Litter-Robot furniture options work as a cover for your Litter-Robot, effectively hiding it from view. They provides a discreet, effective solution for litter box odor and an aesthetically pleasing furnishing for your home. Litter-Robot furniture adds style, practicality, and convenience to you and your pet's life.

Modern cat trees

Delight your feline with modern cat trees that include multiple levels, climbing holes, sisal scratch pads, and cat beds. The cat tower features a unique cubic design and comes in two colors—white on white or mystic oak woodgrain with black trim. The cat pyramid is a sophisticated A-line cat tree with a maze-like structure that’s sure to entice any feline. 

Modern cat shelves

Wall-mounted cat shelves are ideal for active cats that love to jump, as well as cats that simply want a spot away from the activity. Our 2-pack of cat shelves includes comfy cushions and can be configured in multiple ways for added fun.

Dog crate furniture

Elevate your dog's living space with our thoughtfully designed dog crate furniture. More than just an enclosure, our dog crate furniture effortlessly blends with your living space. Both our Barrister Dog Crate and Barn Door Dog Crate furniture pieces are crafted with durable materials ensuring longevity and easy maintenance while providing your furry friend with a secure and comfortable retreat. Upgrade your dog's living experience and add a touch of sophistication to your home with our dog crate furniture. 

*All sales are final (no returns, no refunds) on non-concealer furniture items purchased on or after 10/26/2022, including Cat Orb, Cat Silo, Cat Shelf (2 Pack), Cat Side Table, Cat Pyramid, Cat Tower, Barn Door Dog Crate, Barrister Dog Crate. This does not include Farmhouse Credenza, Storage Cabinet, Coastal Credenza, Corner Credenza. No returns or refunds on open-box furniture (including concealer furniture items).