orange tabby cat lying outside in the heat

Heat Stroke in Cats: Signs & How To Help

Heat stroke in cats is a real concern in the summer. Find out what the signs are and how to cool down a cat...
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calico cat with green eyes

Cat Genetics: Fever Coats, Taste Buds & More

Get answers to some fascinating feline questions, such as: Can cats taste sweetness? And what is a fever coat? ...
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grey cat overgrooming on couch

Cat Overgrooming: Why Is Your Cat Grooming So Much?

Is your cat overgrooming? From stress to medical concerns, find out what causes overgrooming and how to help your...
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cat scratching neck

Allergies in Cats: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

How do you know if your cat has allergies? Learn about common causes and symptoms of allergies in cats, as well as...
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two orange tabby kittens learning to use the litter box

How to Litter Train a Kitten in 5 Easy Steps

Teaching your kitten to use the litter box isn’t very difficult, but it is essential. Learn how to litter box train...
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small dog sniffing cat litter box

How to Dog-Proof a Litter Box

Have cats and dogs in the house? The struggle is real: Discover how to dog-proof the cat litter box...
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Cat Tips

long-haired cat using self-cleaning litter box

Cat Frequent Urination: Top Reasons Your Cat Is Peeing a Lot

Is your cat making frequent trips to the litter box? If your cat keeps going to the litter box but nothing happens...
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tuxedo cat and orange tabby cat cuddling in multi-cat home

Managing a Multi-Cat Household: Tips and Strategies

Essential tips for a multi-cat home: how to introduce cats, avoid fights, choose the best litter box & more...
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two kittens in disposable litter box

5 Downsides of Disposable Litter Boxes

Before switching to disposable litter boxes, consider the downsides: cleaning, costs, litter types, and scooping...
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All Cat Tips

two cats using multiple litter boxes with different types of cat litter

The Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cat Households

What is the best cat litter for multiple cats? Consider factors like odor control, litter tracking, and material...
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cat litter mat trapping litter

The Best Cat Litter Mat: Top Innovative Features To Look For

Use our checklist of innovative features to decide which litter mat is right for you and your cat...
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tabby cat using Litter-Robot 4 self-cleaning litter box

Cat Litter Box History: From Sandbox to Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Learn about the history of the cat litter box, from the great outdoors to today's self-cleaning solutions...
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cat sniffing herbs

14 Herbs Safe for Cats — and 9 To Avoid

Many herbs are safe for cats. Find out which ones may benefit cats and which herbs to avoid...
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