Exotic Shorthair cat on couch with vacuum cleaner

12 Cleaning Tips for Cat Parents

Keep your home fresh and fur-free: Learn about the best pet-safe products, hair removal hacks, and more...
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pet sitter taking care of a cat

How to Find and Choose a Trusted Pet Sitter

You've decided to hire a pet sitter! Maybe you're ready to get out of town and read our piece on why...
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cat pooping in a garden

Composting Cat Poop: Do or Don’t? Cat Litter Disposal Tips

Most of us know that animal manure can act as a great fertilizer for crops. This is mainly due to its nitrogen content...
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cat litter subscription delivered to your door

Is a Cat Litter Subscription Worth It?

Cat litter subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular, but are they really worth the hype? Learn about the...
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pet sitter talking to a cat

How to Get Ready for Your Pet's House Sitter

Get your pet ready, get your house ready, and create a guidebook for your pet's house sitter...
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lonely cat peeking at its owner

Is My Cat Lonely? 5 Signs of Single Cat Syndrome

One of the things that cat parents find so irresistible about our purring family members is their perceived air of...
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Cat Tips

two cats using dirty litter boxes

Cat Litter Box Tips: Ultimate Guide for Pet Parents

Litter box management is an essential yet often neglected component of the ideal pet care experience...
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brown tabby cat

How To Tell How Old a Cat Is

Get tips on how to determine your cat's age and learn about a cat’s life stages to provide the best care for them...
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How to travel with a cat - cat in a suitcase

How To Travel With a Cat

How to travel with a cat: Don't. But if you must, find out some important travel facts from Dr. Justine Lee before...
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All Cat Tips

long-haired lap cat

Most Affectionate Cat Breeds & Lap Cats

Find out why cats like to cuddle, how to make your cat a lap cat, and what the most affectionate cat breeds are...
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grey cat inside grey Litter-Robot

Grey Cat Breeds: Traits, Personality & How to Adopt

Got a "thing" for grey cats? Grey/blue coloration is found in almost any cat breed. Let's take a look at some of...
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tuxedo kitten playing with woman's hand

How To Adopt a Cat – 8 Essential Steps

Whether you’re thinking about adopting a cat for the first time or your resident kitty is open to a friend, there’s...
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cat paws in litter box

Why Do Cats Use Litter Boxes?

To avoid being attacked by predators, ancestral cats had to cover up their tracks. Using a litter box is instinctual...
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