Never scoop cat poop again

Meet Litter-Robot, the highest-rated automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats.

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The highest-rated self-cleaning litter box

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“One of [the] Best Inventions of 2022.”

November 2022

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“You’ll never have to scoop out cat poop again.”

November 2022

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“A smart litter box that's worth the investment.”

October 2022

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Dump the litter chore and upgrade your cat's toilet

Litter-Robot outsmarts the chore of scooping a traditional litter tray and gives kitty a clean place to go.

How it works


Litter-Robot is a self-cleaning litter box that provides a clean bed of litter for your cat.

Odour control

Litter-Robot’s self-cleaning technology and carbon filter help drastically reduce unwanted odours.


Litter-Robot’s in-app insights let you view activity and alerts right from your phone.

Multi-cat friendly

This self-cleaning litter box provides fresh litter, removes the need for multiple boxes, and suits up to four cats.

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Litter‑Robot 3 Connect

Never scoop again with the self-cleaning, app-connected litter box.

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  • What is a self-cleaning litter box?

    A self-cleaning litter box offers many benefits for both cats and pet parents by automatically providing a clean bed of litter every time your cat needs to go. Cats naturally prefer a clean place to do their business and if they’re presented with a dirty litter box, they may go outside the litter box or not go at all—potentially leading to a host of health problems. A self-cleaning litter box like Litter-Robot eliminates the need for pet parents to have to scoop, saving time and frustration brought on by an unpleasant chore. Additional benefits include better managing odour control, keeping cats’ paws cleaner, and helping reduce litter usage. With Litter-Robot, you’re not just buying a self-cleaning litter box—you’re getting a better way of life with your cat!

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