Litter-Robot Litter Trap™ Mat

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Designed to fit Litter-Robot, this mat uses innovative technology for a superior litter-catching experience.

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The Litter-Robot Litter Trap™ Mat is custom-designed to fit Litter-Robot’s base, guaranteeing that litter granules tracked out of your self-cleaning litter box are caught in its heavy-duty top mesh layer.

  • Use with Litter-Robot 3 or Litter-Robot 4
  • Proprietary litter-catching technology
  • EVA foam mesh
  • Urine-repellent mat
  • 72 cm x 58 cm
  • Materials: EVA foam (mesh), polyester fiber, PE plastic film (waterproof film)
  • No returns on opened mat


  • How do I clean the Litter-Robot Litter Trap™ Mat?

    Simply lift the mesh lining and dump the litter granules resting on the mat below. Wipe the mat clean as needed.
  • Is the Litter-Robot Litter Trap™ Mat urine-resistant?

    Yes, the Litter Trap™ Mat features an exclusive urine-repellent plastic film on the mat below the mesh lining.
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Better design, better technology

Simply place the Litter-Robot Litter Trap™ Mat along the front of your Litter-Robot base: The exclusive technology ensures that litter granules are caught on a urine-repellent mat below.

cat exiting Litter-Robot 4

Easy to clean

Pull off the top layer and discard the litter when you’re ready to clean! The urine-repellent plastic film on the mat also provides peace of mind for easy cleanup of accidents.

litter falling through litter trap mat



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