Litter-Robot 4 OdorTrap® Holder

Trap odours before they escape with our specially-designed holder that snaps right into your Litter-Robot 4 and holds up to three OdorTrap® Packs.

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Upgrade to the ultimate odour protection by replacing your carbon filter with our revolutionary OdorTrap®. Our OdorTrap® Holder snaps right into the Litter-Robot 4 filter cover and can fit up to three OdorTrap® Packs.

  • Replaces carbon filter to block odours
  • Fits up to 3 OdorTrap® Packs
  • Snaps directly into filter cover
  • Easy installation—no tools required
  • OdorTrap® Packs sold seperately


  • Is the OdorTrap® Holder required for my Litter-Robot 4 to function?

    No. The OdorTrap® Holder is an alternative to your carbon filter and is not required.
  • How many OdorTrap® Packs can the OdorTrap® Holder fit?

    It fits up to 3 OdorTrap® Packs, but you can install less than that if you wish.
  • Do I install the OdorTrap® Holder on top of my carbon filter?

    No. You’ll need to remove the carbon filter prior to installing the OdorTrap® Holder.
  • Does the OdorTrap® Holder come with OdorTrap® Packs?

    It does not. You’ll need to purchase those separately here.
  • How do I install the Litter-Robot 4 OdorTrap® Holder?

    It’s easy! No tools are required. Download our installation guide. or view the installation video.

Need extra odour protection?

The OdorTrap® Holder is there to help neutralise nasty aromas before they hit your nose. It’s built right into Litter-Robot 4 so it can stay out of sight, out of smell.

Person installing Odor Trap Packs
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