Litter-Robot 3 Carbon Filters

CA $45
Replace the Litter-Robot 3 carbon filter each month to help reduce litter box odours.
How many filters
per month?
1 filter = 1 cat

The Litter-Robot is equipped with a carbon filter for absorbing odours and controlling moisture in the waste drawer. The flexible filter pad can be removed and replaced when cleaning the drawer.

  • Helps reduce unpleasant odours
  • Compatible with any Litter-Robot 3 model
  • Replace carbon filters every month (recommended)
  • *Subscriptions ship free (applied at checkout)


  • How often should I replace Litter-Robot carbon filters?

    For optimal odour absorption, we recommend changing the carbon filter every month, but replacement frequency is up to you and your cats' usage patterns. If you use scented litter, we recommend changing the filter more often as it will also absorb the litter scent.

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