Litter-Robot 4 Globe

CA $240
If your Litter-Robot 4 is no longer under warranty, you can purchase a replacement globe here.

Need a replacement globe for your Litter-Robot 4? Purchase one here, or contact Whisker Customer Experience if your Litter-Robot 4 is still under warranty. 

  • Easy to install
  • For Litter-Robot 4 models only


  • Is this item covered under my WhiskerCare™Warranty?

    Yes. If your Litter-Robot is still under warranty, please contact Whisker Customer Experience for repair or replacement.
  • How do I install the Litter-Robot 4 Globe?

  • Can I choose the colour of the globe?

    The Litter-Robot 4 Globe is only available in grey. (The exterior colour of the globe is not visible once installed.)



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