Litter-Robot 4 Power Supply

CA $50
Purchase a replacement power supply for Litter-Robot 4.

The Litter-Robot 4 Power Supply plugs into the back of the unit and works for households in the U.S. and Canada. Contact Whisker Customer Experience if you’re within your WhiskerCare™ Warranty period.

  • 15 volt DC power supply
  • Cord measures 70 inches (177.8 cm)
  • Works for Litter-Robot 4 models only


  • How do I use the Litter-Robot 4 Power Supply?

    Plug the small end of the power supply into the power input at the back of the Litter-Robot 4 base. Then plug the AC/DC adapter into a wall outlet.
  • Is this item covered under the WhiskerCare™ Warranty?

    Yes. If you’re within your WhiskerCare™ Warranty period, please contact Whisker Customer Experience for a replacement.



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