Cleaner Wipes

CA $25
Clean your Litter-Robot with ease: Our all-natural Litter-Robot cleaner wipes digest and eliminate stains, odours, and organic material using bio-enzymatic technology.

Our Cleaner Wipes are pet-safe, fragrance-free, and specifically formulated for pet messes. The bio-enzymatic technology utilises non-pathogenic (“good”) bacteria to digest organic material, stains, and odours caused by urine, feces, vomit, and saliva.

  • 30 wipes
  • All-natural, fragrance-free
  • Bio-enzymatic technology
  • Plant-based agents
  • 30 wipes
  • No returns on opened wipes
  • Contents of cleaner wipes are all natural; packaging may not be. Product labels may contain more and/or different information from the product information listed on the website. You should always read labels, warnings, directions, and other information provided with the product before using or allowing your pet to consume a product. Any applications other than those described on the product label are not approved or endorsed by Whisker. Whisker is not responsible for accidents, illnesses, or injuries that occur from use of these products.


  • What are the ingredients?

    Safe, all-natural ingredients include water, high-count good bacteria (naturally occurring within our own digestive system), and amino acidic enzymes known as amylase, lipase, and protease (all of which are naturally occurring within our bodies).

  • How do I use the Cleaner Wipes?

    Simply follow these directions: 1. Remove one or more wipes. 2. Wipe Litter-Robot directly, avoiding wires and electronic components. 3. Dispose of used wipes when finished.

  • What are the precautions?

    Our Cleaner Wipes are made with safe, all-natural ingredients. However, as with any soap, detergent, or cleaning product, care should be taken to avoid direct contact with eyes or accidental ingestion. Store away from children and pets. Don't allow your pet to lick or otherwise ingest the product.

  • Packaging Disclaimer

    Packaging may vary.

Easy to clean your Litter-Robot

Clean your Litter-Robot in seconds with our plant-based wipes, which easily eliminate organic stains and odours.

Wiping a Litter-Robot

All-natural and safe for pets

Keep a clean litter box environment without exposing your cat to harsh chemicals or off-putting fragrances.

Cleaner Wipes - back label
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