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Photo collage of Brad Baxter and Litter-Robots dotted line graphic

Our story

It all started with Brad, 2 cats …
and too much poop.

It was 1999 after a long workday and Brad Baxter—inventor and founder—was down in the basement cleaning the mess his 2 inherited cats had made. The litter box was full, stinking, and neglected. As he bent down and scooped he started thinking, “How can I make this easier for myself and better for the cats?”

Smiling Brad Baxter and Jaconb Zuppke with Litter-Robot dotted line graphic

After multiple sketches and prototypes, Brad engineered an automatic, self-cleaning litter box—and Litter-Robot was born. The breakthrough idea was a sifting rotational method that filtered clumps into a waste drawer, leaving a clean bed of litter every time.

Whisker Warehouse

20 years and dozens more inventions later, Whisker is now 400+ employees strong and an international leader in pet products and technology. We’re on a mission to transform the future of pet care and build beautifully functional products that help make life with your pet endlessly better.

Whisker engineer installing Litter-Robot circuit board

Truly innovative pet care

At Whisker, we’re engineers and designers who love to solve problems—for people and pets alike. Innovation isn’t just in our code, it’s in our DNA, so we’re constantly testing, prototyping, and refining to build the best pet care experience possible.

Smiling Whisker customer service agent

Rooted in the USA

Every Litter-Robot we make is designed, assembled, and serviced right here in America. With our operations rooted in the Midwest, we’re proud of the high-quality robots we deliver to our customers every day!

Whisker employee building Litter-Robot

American manufacturing

Our 200+ person assembly and fulfillment center located in Juneau, Wisconsin is Whisker’s hub for assembling and distributing our premium products.

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American customer experience

Our USA-based customer experience specialists work closely with our on-site engineers to deliver fanatical support before, during, and after a purchase.

Whisker electrical technician

American repairs & support

All repairs and service are done in-house at our Michigan and Wisconsin facilities by our expert technicians, so you can always count on quality service when you need it.

Happy Jacob Zuppke with pets

The future of pet care

Having a pet makes everything a little more magical—and we’re creating a world where that magic is endless. Since 2000, we’ve helped pet parents outsmart daily chores by solving the problems that matter most.

We aim to be the worldwide leader in connected pet care and refined pet accessories, building beautiful solution-oriented products that solve problems, are enjoyable and intuitive to use, and deliver meaningful insights for pets and people alike.

Whisker assembly technician with Feeder-Robot
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Brad Baxter holding cat
Whisker assembly technician with Litter-Robot
Smiling Josh Chandler
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Our team

As animal lovers and pet parents ourselves, transforming pet care through invention and technology is a dream come true. You, too? We’re growing and are always looking for fellow pet people to join the team.

Smiling Whisker customer service agent
Laughing Whisker customer service agent
Whisker team employees
“Each day at Whisker, I feel empowered to share ideas, grow in my career, and succeed. I work with a team of talented individuals who all want to make life with pets endlessly better, having fun in the process!”
- Danielle L., Marketing Project Manager
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