Litter-Robot Parts

Refresh your automatic, self-cleaning litter box with Litter-Robot replacement parts.

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  1. Litter Robot 3 Drawer in Beige

    Litter-Robot 3 Waste Drawer

    As low as £55
  2. Litter-Robot 4 Motor

    Litter-Robot 4 Motor Assembly

  3. Litter-Robot 4 Base

    Litter-Robot 4 Base

    As low as £449
  4. Litter-Robot 4 Bonnet

    Litter-Robot 4 Bonnet

    As low as £70
  5. Litter-Robot 4 OdorTrap® Holder

    Litter-Robot 4 OdorTrap® Holder

  6. Litter-Robot 4 Seal Strips Pack

    Litter-Robot 4 Seal Strips Pack

  7. Litter-Robot 4 Carpet Tray

    Litter-Robot 4 Carpet Tray

    Special Price £20 Regular Price £30
  8. Litter-Robot 4 Globe

    Litter-Robot 4 Globe

  9. Litter-Robot 4 Globe Liner

    Litter-Robot 4 Globe Liner

  10. Litter-Robot 3 DFI Kit

    Litter-Robot 3 Pinch Contact & DFI Kit

  11. Litter-Robot 4 drawer with step in black

    Litter-Robot 4 Waste Drawer with Step

    As low as £65
  12. Litter-Robot Ramp Adapter

    Litter-Robot Ramp Adapter

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Litter-Robot replacement parts and upkeep items

Maintain your Litter-Robot’s pristine condition for years to come with our line of Litter-Robot replacement parts and refresher items. We have everything you need to make sure you never have to scoop cat litter again!

If your robot is out of warranty, we have new bases, bonnets, globes, and drawers, as well as replacement parts like motors, circuit boards, and wire harnesses. Our commitment to your Litter-Robot doesn’t end with the warranty period. We’ll help you diagnose the issue, recommend a fix, and keep your Litter-Robot working like new well after the WhiskerCare™ Warranty expires.

You can replace Litter-Robot parts yourself using DIY installation guides and videos from our newly-expanded and redesigned Whisker Support Center. The Litter-Robot four-part system (base, globe, bonnet, and drawer) was constructed with easy maintenance in mind. The modular design allows for effortless access for deep cleaning and parts replacement, making it simpler for you to service your LItter-Robot.

Get Litter-Robot 4 support or Litter-Robot 3 support.

Litter-Robot repair

We also offer Litter-Robot repair services even after the WhiskerCare™ Warranty expires—simply send your robot in for repair. Our skilled technicians perform a thorough inspection to find and replace worn or damaged components, including replacing the motor, wiring harness, circuit board, carbon filters, and seal strips.

Wondering if any Litter-Robot parts are still covered under your WhiskerCare™ Warranty? Contact Whisker Customer Experience for answers—our fanatical customer experience team will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase individual replacement parts for my Litter-Robot?

Yes, you can. We offer individual replacement parts including bases, bonnets, globes, drawers, motors, circuit boards, wire harnesses, and more. Our easy-to-follow DIY guides and videos help you replace these parts at home, extending the lifespan and maintaining the performance of your Litter-Robot.

What services are available if my Litter-Robot is out of warranty? 

Even after your WhiskerCare™ Warranty expires, we are committed to continued support for your Litter-Robot with our repair services. You can send in your Litter-Robot for repair, and our skilled technicians will inspect and replace any worn or damaged components. We're committed to ensuring your Litter-Robot serves you well for years to come.