Get Ready for Pawesome Adventures at CatConLA 2016

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If you’re longing to venture further into the cat community, connect with fellow cat lovers, and attend a major event with cattitude, then you need to check out CatConLA 2016.

In 2015, Susan Michals launched this cat festival that dubbed itself the ComicCon for cat lovers. Given that over 10,000 people attended its first year, ComicCon may want to change its tagline to “CatConLA but for sci-fi afficianados.” What can you expect to discover at this year’s CatConLA? Read on to find out!

Speed Dating for Cat Lovers

Yes, speed dating. This year’s CatConLA, held on June 25th and June 26th, will feature speed dating for cat lovers. Why waste your time with dating apps when all you’ve ever wanted is an attractive cat lover to help you pick out cat toys and post your kitty’s pics to Instagram? It doesn’t hurt to be at the same event, starting out with something furrtastic in common.

Meet Famous Cat Stars

A CatCon just wouldn’t be complete without a pawrific meet ‘n’ greet with some of the feline community’s biggest stars. This year is no exception as Lil’ Bub will be attending, and so will Nala and Coffee Cat and Pudge and Cats of Instagram. You may be star struck, but we’re sure you’ll purr your way through it.

Shop Enticing Cat Products

CatConLA is the event to be at the weekend of June 25th and 26th. We’ll be there, so come over and say hello! You’ll find everything from the latest in cat scratchers, cat furniture, clothing, toys, and more. Don’t forget to check out the cat art—you know your wall needs another marvelous kitty interpretation.
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Thank Catwoman Julie Newmar

The original, none-other-than-Tony-award-winning TV star Julie Newmar will appear on June 25th at 11am until 1pm. You can thank her personally for making cat ears and the catsuit a thing—we know it’s been your go-to last-minute Halloween costume for at least a few parties. Appearing alongside her will be her one-cool-cat of a brother, John Newmeyer. He’s written four books and will be discussing The Mediterranean Universe: Imagining Feline Civilization, which was inspired by his love for cats.


More than just meditation, it’s purr-ditation! CatConLA creator, Susan Michals, says it will be a booth that looks like an art installation. On the wall will be sets of headphones that emit purrs and sounds from famous cats such as Lil’ Bub and ATCHOUM. You’ll get to meditate to the sounds of cats, while learning more about why cats make their various sounds. So pawlaxing.


You may never again see so many people wearing cat ears and cat-inspired outfits (well, until next year’s CatCon). In fact, have you planned your kittylicious outfit for the weekend? Perhaps you might add a faux cat tail to your jeans? And no one will question why you have whiskers painted on your face. It’s time to get creative! Cosplay is not only welcomed here, it’s encouraged! Stick your tongue out like Lil’ Bub!

..and so much more

Whatever you decide to check out, your weekend will be booked with pawesome sights and sounds at CatConLA. Don’t miss out on making new friends and meeting your favorite cat stars. Not to mention, there will be plenty of rescues available to adopt. Paws up, see you there!



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