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Cat products for every pet home

Cover all the bases with these cat accessories, including cozy places to sleep, engaging ways to play, and general accessory products to enhance their litter and feeding areas.

Comfortable cat beds

Napping is an essential part of kitty DNA. Our memory foam bed takes cat napping to a whole new level: This spacious cat bed provides a supportive snoozing spot by helping relieve pressure on your cat’s joints. If your cat prefers to burrow, try the fancy cat sac: Kitty will enjoy the soft enclosed cushion, and the cylindrical bed will look superb in your home.

Cat tunnels

Add even more excitement to your cat’s daily case of the zoomies with a corduroy cat tunnel. With two sizes and multiple colors, you can choose the option that best fits your space. Kitty can race through the tunnel, lounge inside on the soft fabric, and practice sneak attacks.

Interactive cat toys

Laser pointer

Provide your cat with fun, stimulation, and exercise with our interactive cat toys. Our rechargeable laser pointer is a practical cat accessory that also includes an LED flashlight and UV blacklight. Recharging is easy—just plug the laser pointer into a USB port.

Hemp cat toys

Sustain environmental balance while keeping your feline friends stimulated with our range of charming animal designs. Featuring a spider, a snake, and an octopus, these biodegradable cat toys are infused with hemp and boast knotted hemp rope legs or tentacles. Safe for your pets, our hemp cat toys are stamped with lick-safe food coloring. Providing an exciting play option, these toys are mixed with catnip and silver vine, known for their extraordinary knack to encourage daily exercise. These adorable, eco-friendly cat toys serve the dual purpose of reducing your carbon pawprint and offering your feline hours of healthy, stimulating fun.

Cat litter mats

Cats inevitably track litter out of the box. Stop them from tracking litter around the house with cat litter mats. Our classic litter mat features litter-catching mesh material, while the waterproof Litter Trap™ Mat uses innovative dual layer technology. Just pull off the heavy-duty top mesh layer and discard the litter when you’re ready to clean. Choose from multiple colors.

Pet food mats

Support your cat’s paws while protecting your floor or carpet with pet food mats. The small pet food mat will comfortably hold your cat’s food and water bowls, while the large pet food mat has space for the automatic cat feeder, Feeder-Robot. Both mats are made of food-grade silicone, are dishwasher-safe, and come in multiple colors to match your aethetic

*All sales are final (no returns, no refunds) on select pet accessory items purchased on or after 11/9/2022, including Pet Food Mat, Litter Mat, Memory Foam Bed, Corduroy Cat Tunnel, Fancy Cat Sac, and Large Pet Food Mat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cat accessories does Whisker offer?

Whisker offers a wide range of cat accessories designed to enhance your pet's comfort and wellbeing—from cozy memory foam beds and fancy burrowing sacs that give your cats comfortable spaces to sleep, to exciting corduroy cat tunnels for fun and interactive play. Whisker also provides practical items such as rechargeable laser pointers and ergonomically designed mats for litter and food areas, perfect for keeping your home clean. All of these accessories fit seamlessly with Whisker’s ecosystem, including the automated litter boxes, Litter-Robot, and Feeder-Robots, providing a comprehensive solution for all your cat's needs.

How do Whisker’s cat accessories fit into the overall product ecosystem?  

Our cat accessories are designed to complement the company’s main products like Litter-Robot, our automated, self-cleaning litter boxes, and Feeder-Robot.  Our accessories range includes items that help keep the feeding and litter areas clean, enhance your pet’s comfort and entertainment, and create a full ecosystem that provides everything your furry friend needs for a healthy, comfortable, and entertaining environment.