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The Beginning

Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. DBA AutoPets, was founded in 1999 by engineer Brad Baxter. Desperate to find a solution to scooping his cats' litter boxes, Baxter sought to create the best automatic self-cleaning litter box and free cat owners from the daily hassle of litter box scooping. The Litter-Robot made its market debut in April 2000. Our enthusiastic team has created a safe and reliable automatic self-cleaning litter box that really works. It's efficient, eco-friendly, and requires only minimal attention.

Made from tough recyclable plastics and industrial-grade components, the Litter-Robot is a quality appliance that's built to last. We stand behind our product with an 18-Month Full Warranty.

Product Evolution

Each year has brought improvements to our products and our company. With the advancements of the Litter-Robot Classic, Bubble, and Open Air, we are confident that our three unique designs and patented litter-sifting technology will benefit any cat owner and continue to lead the automated pet care products industry. And we're not stopping there; at AutoPets, we believe the key to success is thinking outside the litter box.

We want you to try the Litter-Robot in your home with confidence. Your purchase is covered by a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Free yourself from litter box scooping and see how the Litter-Robot really works! If you or your cat are not completely satisfied with the Litter-Robot for any reason, return it within 90 days for a refund. See complete details here.

Location and Assembly

As a co-located company, we are headquartered in Auburn Hills, MI, just north of Detroit—the automobile design and development capital of the world. In Auburn Hills we focus on new product development, marketing, excellent customer service, and administration. Pet products and the automobile industry may seem worlds apart, but when it comes to high-tech product design and development, as well as the ancillary services needed to make that happen, Detroit and the surrounding area is a great place to be. That also goes for our team here at AutoPets, as we're able to pull from a skilled and experienced workforce.

The majority of our products are assembled and shipped from Juneau, Wisconsin. We take pride in providing high quality products that are built to last. However, when something goes wrong, we have the capability to repair or replace components for all of our products. We believe that by making it right the first time, incorporating design features that allow for repair or refurbishment, and considering how a product may be disassembled at the end of its useful life for recycling go a long way toward being good stewards of the environment. These values are good business and they guide our development as we continue to innovate in the pet product industry.

Additional Products

AutoPets is excited to offer additional products to make life with your pets easier and and more enjoyable. We currently offer the Feed-Safe, which creates a safe haven for your smaller pet during mealtime. Your cat's food is housed inside a dome that provides a secure, hassle-free feeding environment, while containing potential messes. Kitty a Go-Go is a decorative, whimsical, and functionally innovative litter box that adds style to your pet's home. Lastly, Kitty Play Zone offers an interactive space for your children to use their imaginations and play with your cat. Check back for exciting new products coming soon!

Designed and Manufactured for Sustainability

At AutoPets, we champion environmental sustainability throughout a product's life cycle. The Litter-Robot is proven to decrease waste by saving pounds of clean litter from your garbage and landfills. We also prioritize offering products that are eco-friendly, such as our biodegradable Waste Drawer Liners.

We Encourage Suggestions

The product development team at AutoPets welcomes any comments and suggestions that you may have on how to improve the Litter-Robot or if you have a great idea for another pet product that would make your life easier. Together, we can reimagine and reinvent the pet care industry! We look forward to hearing from you!

Brad Baxter, President

Automated Pet Care Products, Inc., DBA AutoPets

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