Veterinarian, breeder, and shelter partnerships

Help make life endlessly better for your clients (and their pets) with Litter-Robot.

About our partnership

We want professionals like veterinarians, shelters and rescues, and breeders to have access to our products. When you partner with us, you’ll earn money by promoting a product you believe in. Plus, you’ll be able to purchase the Litter-Robot for a lower price as a reward for your hard work with our furry loved ones!

Images of cats with Litter-Robots

Discounted pricing

Offer your clients $50 off

Get $25 to spend for each referral

Dr. Justine Lee with Litter-Robot


As a vet, you know that cats need a clean litter box. Pet parents can learn about the Litter-Robot while visiting your clinic or practice. Earn extra income while improving the lives of your clients and their cats!

“I partnered with Litter-Robot because, as a veterinarian and a cat parent, I love the product. It helps alleviate my stress while keeping my cat healthy.”

- Dr. Justine Lee
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Recommend the Litter-Robot to pet parents who are willing to splurge on their felines—and earn extra income by doing so. The Litter-Robot can also help you save time (no more scooping) and money (less litter used).

“We've invested in 10+ Litter-Robots over the last year. It's improved the quality of life for our cats and helped with our time management—now we don't have to spend hours scooping 20 litter boxes, 3 times a day.”

- Ginger, Wunderfolds Scottish Fold Cattery
Vet holding a cat in a shelter

Shelters and rescues

Stop scooping and save on litter, so you have more time for your organization. Get special pricing on Litter-Robot units, and earn extra funds by recommending the Litter-Robot to cat parents who adopt from you.

“Adding 8 Litter-Robots to our rescue center resulted in $240 monthly savings on litter costs and 2 hours saved daily from not scooping and dumping out litter boxes.”

- Sparrow Marcioni, co-founder of Cat Rangers rescue in Georgia

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