memorial day

  1. Remembering Loy Hodges

    Remembering Loy Hodges

    My father, Loy Hodges, was a WWII veteran who landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day, and was wounded in battle and awarded...
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  2. Honoring Brendon Langless

    Honoring Brendon Langless

    I am thinking of my niece's husband, Brendon, this Memorial Day.  This young man will be going to Afghanistan in...
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  3. Honoring Don Phillips

    Honoring Don Phillips

    I will be honoring my father, Don Phillips, on Memorial Day.  He served during WWII in the Army Core of Engineers. ...
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  4. Honoring Ryan Egesdal

    Honoring Ryan Egesdal

    The name of the soldier that I would like to thank is Ryan Egesdal, U.S. Navy � Ryan is currently serving...
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  5. Honoring Keith Mills

    Honoring Keith Mills

    Our human dad is allergic to cats, but fortunately isn't allergic to us Sphynx!  We love our dad very much as you...
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  6. Remembering Andrea Kuehn's Grandfather

    Remembering Andrea Kuehn's Grandfather

    This Memorial Day I am thinking of my Grandfather. He graduated from Veterinary  School  in 1942 in the middle of...
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