Litter-Robot Open Air Feature: 8 Hour Sleep Mode

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Eight Hour Sleep Mode allows you to deactivate the Cat Sensor for 8 hours, so the unit will not cycle automatically. This mode is useful for units located in bedrooms or areas where you may not want any disturbance for a period of 8 hours.

The 8-hour period is repeated every 24 hours and starts at the time the mode is initially set. For example, if you enter Sleep Mode at 11 p.m., the unit will not cycle automatically until 7 a.m.—at which time it will begin a Clean Cycle automatically. The next day, the unit will enter Sleep Mode automatically at 11 p.m.

During Sleep Mode, you can press the Cycle button to cycle the unit if necessary.

To Enter Sleep Mode

At the desired time, press and hold the Cycle button until the yellow light turns on (in addition to the blue standby light). Both the yellow and blue lights will be on during the next 8 hours, indicating the unit is in 8-Hour Sleep Mode.

Litter-Robot-4312 -blue and yellow

When the 8-hour period has expired, the unit will run a Clean Cycle. Once the Globe has returned to Home position, only the blue light will be on. When the 8-hour sleep period begins again automatically, both the yellow and blue lights will be on again.

To Exit Sleep Mode

Press and hold the Cycle button until the yellow light turns off. Or, if only the blue light is on because you are not within the 8-hour sleep period, when you press and hold the Cycle button, the yellow light will come on for a few seconds, then turn off to indicate you have exited this mode.


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