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  1. multi-cat self-cleaning litter box

    Which Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box Is Best?

    Let’s explore what features to look for when choosing a multi-cat self-cleaning litter box...
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  2. what is the best cat litter - cat sniffing a bag of premium clay clumping cat litter

    What Is the Best Cat Litter? Here's What the Data Says

    A simple, educational breakdown of the different types of cat litter out there...
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  3. tabby cat tail crooked

    How To Spot a Broken Cat Tail & Other Tail Injuries

    Learn how to recognize a broken cat tail and other common cat tail injuries...
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  4. scratching a cat's ear before flea treatment

    How To Get Rid of Cat Fleas in the House

    If your cat has fleas, they are likely in your house too. Here's how to tell if your cat has fleas and how to treat...
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  5. Siamese cat sniffing bag of clumping cat litter

    How Much Cat Litter To Use

    How much cat litter to use depends on the type and size of your cat's litter box...
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  6. long-haired cat using self-cleaning litter box

    Cat Frequent Urination: Top Reasons Your Cat Is Peeing a Lot

    Is your cat making frequent trips to the litter box? If your cat keeps going to the litter box but nothing happens...
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  7. small dog sniffing cat litter box

    How to Dog-Proof a Litter Box

    Have cats and dogs in the house? The struggle is real: Discover how to dog-proof the cat litter box...
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  8. orange tabby cat using covered litter box

    Is a Covered Litter Box Better?

    Do cats like covered litter boxes? Are covered litter boxes a good way to stop litter box odors? Find out here...
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  9. Persian cat with epiphora staining

    Epiphora In Cats, AKA Cat Tear Stains

    Epiphora is a type of cat eye discharge, also called cat tear stains, common in Persian and Himalayan cats...
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  10. tuxedo cat sitting on floor looking up

    Why Is My Cat Pooping on the Floor? Reasons & How to Stop

    Explore the nuances of cat behavior, understand litter box issues, and deepen your bond with your feline friend...
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  11. American Shorthair cat in spring wildflowers

    How Long Is a Cat in Heat?

    What are the signs of a cat in heat? The average length of time a cat is in heat is 7 days...
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  12. Cavalier King Charles spaniel sniffing black cat's ear

    Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop?

    And how do you prevent it? This nasty habit, referred to as coprophagia, is somewhat normal in dogs...
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  13. cat exiting self-cleaning litter box while pregnant woman watches

    Toxoplasmosis in Cats: Should Pregnant People Worry?

    The litter box poses a low but serious risk for pregnant people. Learn how to protect yourself during pregnancy...
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