Cat Tips

  1. Ragdoll cat inside Litter-Robot 4

    Where to Put the Litter Box in a Small House or Apartment

    In a small house or tiny apartment, the goal is to make your limited space work. The cat litter box should be out of the way, but easy to access.
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  2. black and white cat inside black Litter-Robot 4

    What Is the Best Cat Litter Box for Odor Control?

    The best cat litter box for odor control is automatic, partially enclosed, easy to clean, and contains a tightly sealed waste drawer: Meet Litter-Robot 4!
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  3. longhaired white cat grooming paw

    Cat Overgrooming: Why Is Your Cat Grooming So Much?

    Is your cat overgrooming? From stress to medical concerns, find out what causes overgrooming and how to help your cat stop this habit.
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  4. tortie cat and orange tabby cat play fighting

    Are My Cats Playing or Fighting? Cat Behavior Guide

    Cats play and fight in very similar ways. Body language and more will be able to tell you if your cats are playing or fighting.
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  5. calico cat in spring wildflowers

    How Long Is a Cat in Heat?

    How long are cats in heat and what are the signs? The average length of time a female cat is in heat is 4 to 7 days.
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  6. tan bunny rabbit staring out window

    Do Cats and Bunnies Get Along? Can You Have a Bunny and a Cat?

    Do cats and rabbits get along? Under the right circumstances, yes. Learn why time of introduction, animal temperament, and rabbit size are important.
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  7. brown tabby cat lying next to lit candle

    Are Candles Safe for Cats? How to Keep Your Pets Safe

    Are candles bad for cats and dogs? Find out why you should avoid burning candles, paraffin wax, and more when you have pets at home.
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  8. Siberian cat using Litter-Robot dog-proof litter box with small dog watching

    What’s the Best Dog-Proof Litter Box?

    Keep dogs from "snacking" on cat poop with the best dog-proof litter box options, from a self-cleaning litter box to stylish litter box enclosures.
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  9. cat nose and whiskers

    Why Is My Cat Sneezing? How To Help A Sneezing Cat

    Is your cat sneezing cause for concern? Find out common causes for cat sneezing, from allergies to upper respiratory infections.
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  10. cat licking paw

    Cat Allergies: Why Are So Many People Allergic?

    Contrary to popular belief, your cat’s fur is not the real reason you are allergic. Learn about what causes cat allergies and get tips on how to live with them.
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  11. Cat sleeping under a blanket

    My Cat Sleeps All Day: Is This Normal?

    You may have wondered before—is it normal if your cat sleeps all day? Find out why they do, and what you can do to try to change your cat's routine.
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  12. Black cat with one yellow eye and one blue eye

    Cat DNA Tests: Everything You Need To Know

    At-home DNA tests are all the rage right now. So what’s next? Let’s take a look at why a cat DNA test may be your next big splurge.
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  13. British Shorthair cat sitting next to potted succulents

    Are Succulents Poisonous to Cats?

    While succulents may be the quickest and easiest way to spruce up a room, pet parents should consider: Are succulents poisonous to cats? Learn which succulents are safe for pets and which to avoid.
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