Cat Tips

  1. two kittens in disposable litter box

    5 Downsides of Disposable Litter Boxes

    Before switching to disposable litter boxes, consider the downsides: cleaning, costs, litter types, and scooping...
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  2. two cats using multiple litter boxes with different types of cat litter

    The Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cat Households

    What is the best cat litter for multiple cats? Consider factors like odor control, litter tracking, and material...
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  3. cat litter mat trapping litter

    The Best Cat Litter Mat: Top Innovative Features To Look For

    Use our checklist of innovative features to decide which litter mat is right for you and your cat...
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  4. tabby cat using Litter-Robot 4 self-cleaning litter box

    Cat Litter Box History: From Sandbox to Self-Cleaning Litter Box

    Learn about the history of the cat litter box, from the great outdoors to today's self-cleaning solutions...
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  5. cat sniffing herbs

    14 Herbs Safe for Cats — and 9 To Avoid

    Many herbs are safe for cats. Find out which ones may benefit cats and which herbs to avoid...
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  6. kitten on a bed

    How To Choose The Best Litter Box For Kittens

    Everything you need to know to choose the best litter box for kittens and kitten-safe litter...
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  7. Exotic Shorthair cat on couch with vacuum cleaner

    12 Cleaning Tips for Cat Parents

    Keep your home fresh and fur-free: Learn about the best pet-safe products, hair removal hacks, and more...
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  8. pet sitter taking care of a cat

    How to Find and Choose a Trusted Pet Sitter

    You've decided to hire a pet sitter! Maybe you're ready to get out of town and read our piece on why...
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  9. cat pooping in a garden

    Composting Cat Poop: Do or Don’t? Cat Litter Disposal Tips

    Most of us know that animal manure can act as a great fertilizer for crops. This is mainly due to its nitrogen content...
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  10. cat litter subscription delivered to your door

    Is a Cat Litter Subscription Worth It?

    Cat litter subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular, but are they really worth the hype? Learn about the...
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  11. pet sitter talking to a cat

    How to Get Ready for Your Pet's House Sitter

    Get your pet ready, get your house ready, and create a guidebook for your pet's house sitter...
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  12. lonely cat peeking at its owner

    Is My Cat Lonely? 5 Signs of Single Cat Syndrome

    One of the things that cat parents find so irresistible about our purring family members is their perceived air of...
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  13. two cats using dirty litter boxes

    Cat Litter Box Tips: Ultimate Guide for Pet Parents

    Litter box management is an essential yet often neglected component of the ideal pet care experience...
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