2018 Scholarship Winners Announced!
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2018 Scholarship Winners Announced!

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We are thrilled to announce the 2018 Out-of-the-Box Thinking Scholarship winners!

As with previous years, students were asked to imagine that they work at AutoPets on developing the pet products of the future. Entrants were tasked with coming up with the company’s next brilliant idea that could be either a physical product (litter box, toy, leash, etc.) or a new software product (app, AI, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.). Each essay had to include how the idea was conceived, why it is needed, what makes it unique, who the target audience is, and what the marketing and retail strategies would be.

2018 Scholarship Winners

Grand Prize $1,250 Scholarship

Elise G. for Leashed In. Leashed In is an app that would help pet owners find suitable animal companions for their pets, allowing pets to play with other animals that have similar personalities or needs.

Second Place $500 Scholarship

Bailey D. for the Smart Water Bowl. Smart Water Bowl is a waterer that sets and tracks daily goals for your pet's water consumption based on the weather, their weight, and daily activity level, all integrated into an app on your smartphone.

Third Place $250 Scholarship

Giovanni R. for Pet Lifeguide. Pet Lifeguide is an autonomous device that can save a pet from drowning should they fall into a pool.

Congratulations to Elise, Bailey, and Giovanni! And special thanks to everyone who applied. The 2019 Out-of-the-Box Thinking Scholarship will be announced in the spring. Information will be posted on our scholarship page.