14 Biodegradable Products for Cats
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14 Biodegradable Products for Cats

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When springtime and the month of April rolls around, we often start thinking about how we can better care for our planet. With Earth Day approaching, we’ve rounded up 14 biodegradable products for cats. You can offer these hemp toys and catnip products to your kitties knowing you’re leaving less of a “pawprint” on Mother Earth.

British Shorthair cat licking lips next to hemp rope and catnip - biodegradable products for cats

14 biodegradable products for cats from Litterbox.com

The following Litterbox.com cat toys contain only biodegradable ingredients, including:

  • Organic catnip blend
  • Hemp fabric
  • Hemp rope
  • Silver vine
  • Buckwheat hulls
  • Valerian roots

How is hemp fabric biodegradable?

Hemp has been used for thousands of years to make ropes and textiles. Hemp fabric is derived from hemp plants and not highly processed, breaking down in the environment in a short amount of time. This makes hemp one of the top biodegradable sources for fabrics and textiles.

Hemp cat toys

These Litterbox.com cat toys made with durable hemp fabric are fully biodegradable and filled with organic catnip.

Hemp Mouse

Orange tabby with hemp mouse - biodegradable products for cats

The ultimate game of cat and mouse starts with a little bit of catnip. Hemp Mouse is made entirely from durable hemp fabric and filled with our organic catnip blend. This toy’s hemp ears and hemp tail provide an added texture for your cat to sink his claws or teeth into.

$8 Shop Now

Hemp Rope

Maine Coon with hemp rope - biodegradable products for cats

The durable hemp rope is perfect for cats that like to bite and chew, with no cause for worry that they’re biting and chewing on your furniture! Hemp Rope is double knotted and marinated in our potent organic catnip blend in a resealable tin. Add catnip as needed to keep your hemp rope a cat favorite.

$10 Shop Now

Hemp Tail

Scottish Fold cat with hemp tail - biodegradable products for cats

Hemp Tail contains organic catnip, fresh valerian roots, and buckwheat hulls for a crinkly effect. Many cats find toys that crinkle to be stimulating to both auditory and tactile senses. With both catnip and valerian, this toy will send your cat to the moon! Choose from orange or green.

$8 Shop Now

Hemp Fish

White and brown tabby with hemp fish - biodegradable products for cats

No cat can resist a fish—especially when it’s filled with catnip. Hemp Fish is filled with our special organic catnip blend and buckwheat hulls. The buckwheat hulls provide a unique crinkle effect that you won’t usually find in cat toys. The catnip is just a bonus!

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Hemp Turtle

hemp turtle in catnip - biodegradable products for cats

An unlikely companion for your feline offers catnip-induced fun: Hemp Turtle features knotted hemp rope and is filled with our special organic catnip blend and buckwheat hulls. The catnip is the perfect finish! Choose from an orange or (perhaps more realistic) green turtle cat toy.

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Hemp Sock

Orange tabby with hemp sock - biodegradable products for cats

Hemp Sock is filled with our potent organic catnip blend and buckwheat hulls. With the added crinkly effect, this toy is a delight for all your cat’s senses. As is the case with all Litterbox.com hemp toys, these are biodegradable products sure to satisfy both you and your cat.

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Hemp Pouch

Orange tabby with hemp pouch - biodegradable products for cats

This color-contrasting toy is made for no-frills catnip play. Hemp Pouch is filled with our special organic catnip blend and buckwheat hulls for an added crinkly effect. This toy is fully biodegradable. Choose from orange and white or green and white.

$8 Shop Now

Hemp Pillow

Siberian cat with hemp pillows - biodegradable products for cats

This 2-pack of hemp pillows filled with potent organic catnip provides a double dose of feline fun. Choose from a 2-pack of orange and white pillows or a 2-pack of green and white pillows. Your kitty will love batting these paw-sized cushions around the house.

$8 Shop Now

Hemp Box

Hemp toys - biodegradable products for cats

Get a box of our premium hemp catnip toys with 9 hand-picked products for your cat! This box contains Hemp Mouse, Hemp Pouch, Hemp Pillow (2-pack), Hemp Turtle, Hemp Fish, Hemp Sock, Hemp Tail, and Hemp Rope. All products come in orange (except Hemp Rope). 

$60 Shop Now

Catnip and silver vine

Litterbox.com offers a pure, potent line of organic catnip blend and silver vine grown and harvested on a Washington farm.

Catnip Buds

Brown tabby with catnip buds - biodegradable products for cats

Litterbox.com Catnip Buds provide your cat with the most potent and aromatic catnip available on the market today. Buds are harvested at the peak of the catnip plant’s essential oil production on a Washington farm. For best results, we recommend crushing a bud between your fingers and giving it to your cat after removing the stems.

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Catnip Leaf + Flower

Bengal cat with catnip leaf + flower - biodegradable products for cats

Litterbox.com Catnip Leaf + Flower includes a mixture of dried leaves and flowers from catnip plants harvested at full maturity, along with a small amount of stems. In fact, the bell-shaped flowers (pistils) store most of the catnip plant’s essential oil.

$8 Shop Now

Catnip Fine Ground

Orange tabby with catnip fine ground - biodegradable products for cats

Litterbox.com Catnip Fine Ground includes a mixture of fine-ground leaves and flowers, for cats (and cat parents) that prefer stemless or stalkless catnip. This catnip format works well for refillable catnip toys.

$8 Shop Now

Catnip Flight

Catnip flight - biodegradable products for cats

For the cat connoisseur, why not offer a variety of fun? This assortment of cat stimulants is sure to enliven every feline in the household. The three tins include catnip leaf + flower, catnip fine ground, and silver vine. If you aren’t sure whether your cat likes catnip, give them silver vine!

$15 Shop Now

Silver Vine

Russian Blue cat with silver vine - biodegradable products for cats

Litterbox.com Silver Vine contains several cat-attracting ingredients, as opposed to catnip’s one. We recommend trying silver vine with your cat, especially if he or she falls into the 30%-50% of felines that don’t react to catnip!

$8 Shop Now

Now that you know about these biodegradable products for cats, why not purchase one for your furry family member? 

*Note: Toys and ingredients are biodegradable products; packaging is not.

white, brown, and orange tabby cats with biodegradable products for cats


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