Best Cat Scratching Posts and Alternatives
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Best Cat Scratching Posts and Alternatives

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If your feline friends have a knack for scratching your couch, there’s no better time than now to consider cat scratching posts and other chic cat furniture that can help save your couch, drapes, and more from those feisty paws. There are numerous options that prevent your furniture from being the subject of long-term destructive behavior. 

As you read this article, you’ll learn that feline furniture is easy to build and a lot of cat scratching posts are made from quality material. All of these scratching posts are designed with the goal of being appealing to your feline family and diverting them away from your household furniture. 

These cat scratching pads and posts will allow your cat to scratch as they see fit, all without causing destruction to your home!

Why do cats need to scratch?

If you’re a pet parent to one or more cats and you find yourself wondering, “Why do cats need to scratch?” you’re not alone. While this behavior might be frustrating to you, it is a completely healthy and normal behavior for felines. In fact, scratching is an instinctive behavior. Your cat needs to scratch!

Cats scratch for both physical and psychological reasons. Your cats might scratch as a way to express their emotions, like stress or excitement, or to remove the dead portion of their nails. Other cats also use it as a way to scratch an itch somewhere on their bodies. 

Did you know that cats also scratch to mark objects with their scent? It’s a territorial instinct. Cats have scent glands in their paws, so scratching is a way that they mark their territory.

To cats, scratching isn’t a “bad” behavior—they don’t perceive it as right or wrong. It’s just another one of their natural behaviors that meets both their physical and psychological needs. That’s why utilizing a cat scratching post or a cat scratching pad is important. It can ease your frustration while still allowing your cat to express their instinctive behavior. 

Is a scratch post good for cats?

A cat scratching post or even multiple cat scratching posts can be a great solution. They are intended to provide your cat with an object that is more desirable than your household furniture. 

Investing in chic cat furniture that also provides cats with the ability to dig in and get a sturdy grip will help divert their attention away from your couch, curtains, or dining room table. Instead, they will use the scratching posts as an outlet to instinctively scratch away.  

How to choose the best cat scratching post

When you’re ready to save yourself the frustration of torn furniture, finding the best cat scratching post or cat scratching pad can go a long way. It’s important to remember that with all feline furniture, you will want it to have features that appeal to your cat while also looking good in your home. 

One of the best things to keep in mind when looking for the best scratching post is making sure it suits the purpose you’re trying to fulfill. Look for a product that is not only made from sturdy material, but that is also easy to build. Consider buying a cat scratching post that has multiple levels because it will help your feline stay agile and engaged. 

Serves a purpose

The most important element of cat scratching posts and other feline furniture is that they serve a purpose. The goal is to tend to your cat’s needs and make it possible for your cat to meet his or her physical need to scratch. 

First, consider the function of the cat scratching post or cat scratching pad as a need to fill their instincts. Then, consider its placement in your home.

If your cat’s favorite scratching spot is the couch, make sure your new cat scratching post or pad can fit comfortably near your couch. If your cat is more so drawn to your curtains, find chic cat furniture that can be placed near the window as a way of diverting them away from your drapes. 

Multiple levels

Cats love to explore the world around them from a variety of elevations. Finding a cat scratch post that has multiple levels, like a tower, will give your cats the opportunity to not only scratch to their heart’s content but also hang out on a perch and explore greater heights. 

There are many different feline furniture options out there, all of which provide multiple levels for your cats to explore. The best part is that scratching, climbing, and lounging spaces are all in one place!

Easy to build

Finding a cat scratching post or cat scratching pad doesn’t have to be a frustrating weekend-long, IKEA-esque project. Who has the time for that? Instead, look for chic cat furniture that is easy to build. It will save you the hassle of DIY projects while allowing your feline friend to start scratching on designated cat structures instead of your at-home furniture. 

High-quality material

Another important factor you should look for in a cat scratching post or other cat furniture is that it’s made from both sturdy materials and quality materials. The reason you should make this a top priority is that the best products will have sturdy materials, like non-slip features, that will help keep your cat safe and secure while they scratch away. 

Products from Litter-Robot that use composite wood will keep your cat safe and sound by providing durability. They hold up a lot better than traditional wood when it comes to scratches and spills. 

Stylish decor

Your home should always be filled with pieces that you’ve personally curated to fit your desired aesthetic. Cat scratching posts and other cat furniture do not have to be clunky eyesores. Instead, you can find great feline furniture pieces that are visually appealing while adding functionality and style to your existing space. 

Best cat scratching post options by Litter-Robot 

Now that we’ve explored what to look for in the best cat scratching posts and chic cat furniture, we can start to explore the top six cat scratching post options from Litter-Robot. Consider adding the following cat scratching posts to your home as a way of keeping your felines happy and your couch free from their feisty claws. 

1. Cat Tower

Siberian cat on cat tower - best cat scratching post

Best for

Multi-level, multi-function play piece.

Special features

This multiple level product provides your cat with a place to play, scratch, and nap! The cube-shaped design is filled with fun. It includes three climbing holes, soft felt pads, a cat bed, and multiple scratch pads, of course!  


  • Two color options to choose from
  • Modern aesthetic
  • Cat bed included
  • Multiple levels of entertainment for your feline family


  • Larger than a traditional cat scratching post


The price of the cat tower is $349 and it ships for free in the contiguous U.S.

2. Cat Pyramid

Two Siberian cats on cat pyramid - best cat scratching post

Best for 

Cats that like to explore multiple levels in open spaces.

Special features

This gorgeous A-frame cat pyramid provides your cat an open-air playscape with multiple levels to lounge, scratch, and climb. The scratch pads will blend in seamlessly with your decor while also keeping your felines entertained!


  • Walnut finish
  • Multiple levels
  • Scratch pads, felt pads, and climbing holes


  • Larger base than other cat scratching post options


The price of the cat pyramid is $249 with free shipping in the contiguous U.S.

3. Cat Shelves

Abyssinian cat on cat shelf - best cat scratching post

Best for 

Maximizing small spaces. 

Special features

This two-pack shelving set will provide your feline families with the opportunity to hang out and perch themselves against the wall. These are the best cat shelves because they give your cat some personal space so they can get some rest, look at the world around them, and spend time away from other pets or people in your home. 


  • Sturdy walnut finish
  • Cushions included
  • Modern shelf for small spaces
  • Easy installation


  • No distinct scratching post


The price of the two-pack cat shelf is $129 with free shipping in the contiguous U.S.

Why cat scratching furniture by Litter-Robot is the best choice

Litter-Robot is hands down the best brand of automatic litter boxes and litter box furniture. The quality of Litter-Robot furniture far exceeds other cat-scratching furniture on the market. The chic cat scratching furniture by Litter-Robot provides purpose, quality, and elegance along with a modern design and appealing aesthetic that can be appreciated by all feline families. With various options of furniture for small spaces, multiple levels, or numerous functions, you’re sure to find cat-scratching furniture that fits the needs of your household. 

How can I stop my cat from scratching my furniture?


Divert their attention away from your furniture and point them in the direction of cat scratching posts so they know where they are allowed to scratch. Adding cat scratching posts and cat scratching pad furniture, like the Litter-Robot Cat Tower, can help redirect your cat's instinctive behavior and provide them with an appropriate place to scratch.


How do I attract my cat to a scratching post?


Start by placing a scratching post next to the place where your cat likes to scratch the most. If your cat likes to scratch your couch, consider placing a scratching post right next to the couch. 


When should I replace my cat scratching post?


Depending on how many cats you care for a cat scratching posts and scratching pads will need to be replaced after anywhere between 6 months to 2 years. It all depends on the number of cats in your home and how much they use the scratching post. Sturdy cat furniture will last longer than other types of scratching posts, thanks to their quality materials. 



6 best cat scratching posts and alternatives