bengal cat on cat tower
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Alternative Cat Trees for Large Cats

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Giving your cat a cozy spot to hang out at home will help them feel as if they have a safe space to relax and enjoy some alone time. It’s important to find a cat tree with the right features so that your cat can be healthy, happy, and stress-free. You’ll want to look for something high-quality and durable. Plus, the cat tree should be able to provide your cat with a place to scratch and play appropriately. Check out our top 3 cat trees for large cats to find the right cat tree for your feline friend!  

What is the purpose of cat climbing furniture?

As much as cats love to nap, they also need daily exercise to maintain a healthy weight. Cat climbing furniture provides your four-legged friends with a place to jump, climb, scratch, and play. 

Cats have a natural need to scratch, and cat furniture allows them to satisfy that need while also keeping their nails from growing too long. Some cat climbing furniture comes with built-in scratching posts that will give your cat multiple opportunities to scratch. 

It’s no secret cats love to sunbathe, so you can even put your cat furniture by a sunny window to allow them time to catch some rays. They’ll also get entertainment from watching the birds outside!

Not all cats are highly social animals; most need time to themselves, especially if you have dogs or other animals in the home. A stylish piece of cat furniture will give your feline an elevated place to escape to and spend time alone. Even if your animals get along, cats need the option to have some space to themselves. 

How do I find alternative cat trees for large cats?

With so many options to choose from when it comes to cat trees for large cats, deciding which tree is best suited for your cat can be confusing. As you look for the right cat tree for your pet, just remember that it’s important to look for high-quality cat furniture that is both stable and durable while also providing your cat with space to jump, scratch, and nap! 

Multiple levels 

Climbing is a natural instinct for cats. As such, cat trees with different posts and perches of various heights will keep your pet active and healthy. Providing your cat with multiple levels to choose from can redirect their attention so that they don’t climb onto cabinets or shelves.

Built-in cat scratch pad

Cats love to scratch! Scratching is how they sharpen their claws and maintain their lengths. Cat furniture that comes with a built-in scratchpad will allow your cats to scratch as much as they need with the added bonus of preventing them from destroying your favorite furniture. 

Nooks and crannies

Give your feline different options for exploration and privacy, or even the option to join social activities from a safe spot. Cats love to sleep in covered places and to explore and observe. Getting a tree with privacy, climbing holes, and open climbing areas gives them the best of both worlds.

Built to last

Make sure you get durable furniture that isn’t easy to knock over. The force of climbing, jumping, and clawing may cause low-quality cat furniture to wobble, especially if you have a large cat. Your feline will be using their cat climbing furniture often, so you’ll want something that’s made to last.

Nap space

Cats love to nap. Catnaps relieve stress, especially when kitties can sleep in safe spaces where they feel comfortable enough to relax completely. A flat surface with multiple shelves will provide your cat with multiple options for them to retreat to between playtimes. 


Old-school cat trees are often big and bulky, making them an eyesore in your home. But not all cat trees are hard to look at! There are numerous modern options out there. Look for a cat orb or cat tower that checks all of your boxes! Just make sure it is sturdy without taking up the entire room.

Best cat tree alternative options by Litter-Robot

High-quality cat trees for large cats are a must because they keep your pet happy and safe. When you buy a cat tree from Litter-Robot, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a durable, quality cat tree! The stylish designs add a beautiful accent to any space while providing your cat with everything they could ever want from a cat tree or tower. 

Cat Pyramid

Abyssinian cat in cat pyramid - cat trees for large cats

Best for 

If you’re looking for a play space for your feline but you also want to keep your home looking stylish and chic, then you’ll love this cat pyramid

Special features

This A-frame, maze-like structure comes with a walnut finish. Made with a black metal frame and composite wood, the measurements of the cat pyramid are 39.02''W x 17.24''D x 63.82''H. This chic piece of furniture will keep your cat entertained for hours, and you’ll hardly even notice it’s furniture for your cat!


The cat pyramid can provide your cat with multiple levels of elevation to choose from, in addition to two climbing holes, soft felt pads, and our unique, vegetable-dyed sisal scratchpad at the very bottom.


While this cat pyramid comes with a chic design, it takes up more space than other cat trees. Also, the felt shelves are soft but they don’t provide as much cushioning as other options. 


This cat pyramid sells for $189. Qualified candidates can pay as low as $18 per month with Affirm. 

Cat Tower

Bengal cat on cat tower  - cat trees for large cats

Best for 

Do you want to offer your cat a cozy spot to play and relax without having to sacrifice the aesthetics of your home? Then this cat tower will be one of the best cat towers for you.

Special features

With a stylish design for your viewing pleasure and a versatile setup for your cat’s enjoyment, this cozy tree’s cubic design covers all the bases. You can choose from a sleek white-on-white design or a mystic oak woodgrain with black trim design. Either way, this cat tower is constructed of composite wood and measures 18.03''W x 17.2''D x 53.86''H.


This cat tower comes with three climbing holes, vegetable-dyed sisal scratchpads, soft felt pads, and a cat bed on the bottom level. You’ll also have the option to choose from two colors. 


The cat tower is a bit heavier than other options, weighing 53.2 pounds in total. The cat tower is also a bit shorter than other cat furniture, giving your cat less height to work with and enjoy.


This cubic cat tower costs $269. Qualified candidates can pay as low as $25 per month with Affirm.

Cat Orb

Siberian cat on cat orb  - cat trees for large cats

Best for 

The cat orb is perfect for anyone who is looking for a stylish piece of cat climbing furniture. You get to add to your modern decor collection while providing your cat with a cozy spot to lounge and observe whenever they want. 

Special features

This alternative cat tree comes with a dark espresso finish, and it is made from woven water hyacinth. The orb is made from an easy-to-assemble solid composite wood base. The orb itself has the following dimensions: 24.29''W x 22.13''D x 37.99''H. 


The cat orb has two entrances in both the front and the top, which will keep your cat amused and mentally stimulated. This is an elevated space intended for relaxation and sleep. Your cat will benefit from the cozy lounging spot and you’ll benefit from the modern nature of this cat climbing furniture.


The cat orb entryways measure 9'' x 9'' and the orb has a weight limit of 20 pounds. Therefore, if your cat is very large, this may not be the best cat tree option for your pet household.


The cat orb costs $129. Qualified candidates can pay as low as $12 per month with Affirm.

Why cat tree alternatives by Litter-Robot are the best choice

Give your cat the space they need to stay active, healthy, and happy without having to sacrifice the look of your home with these cat trees for large cats. Say goodbye to those bulky, outdated designs and say hello to modern cat furniture from Litter-Robot! 

If you need a space-saving option, check out these cat shelves! They’re perfect for keeping your cat entertained without taking up any floor space.

Tired of those unsightly litter boxes? We are, too! Our line of litter box furniture is exactly what you need to keep the litter box hidden while maximizing space. Take your pick from farmhouse styles to cabinets that save on storage space, or even a simple side table. Litter box furniture is where function meets design.

Do cats need a tree?

Cats need their own space to explore and spend time alone. They need to have access to high spaces because the elevation makes them feel safe and protected. That way, they can relieve their own stress. Ideally, a cat tree will also give cats areas to scratch without tearing up your furniture.

How tall should my cat tree be?

Cats typically love heights, so a cat tree should be 4 to 6 feet tall. That gives your cat enough height to practice their climbing and keep them occupied.

Do cats like cat towers?

Cats love cat towers because it gives them the ability to do what comes naturally to them, which is to climb and scratch. Cat towers give cats a great tool for exercising, as well as offering them a safe escape.


Siberian cat on cat orb  - alternative cat trees for large cats