How To Celebrate Love Your Pet Day!
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How To Celebrate Love Your Pet Day!

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Love Your Pet Day... Do we really need a reminder? An actual holiday? A whole day set aside for smushing our smushy babies?

Yes! Why not?! With Valentine's Day and all that lovey-dovey-ness past, taking the time mark another day of love—love for all things furry or fuzzy or whatever texture your lovebug is—sounds like a great idea! It's easy to get busy, forget to refresh the treat jar, buy the same food out of convenience, and generally fall into habits that make pet life predictable and boring. On February 20th, celebrate Love Your Pet Day by getting involved with your pet, learning something new together, and getting out of the pet care slump!

1. Up Kitty's brain game with some stimulating puzzle toys!

2. Give your kitty some relief from this stealthy stressor.

3. Get adventurous with your feline friend!

4. Learn a secret language to tell your kitty how much you love him or her.

5. Too busy to celebrate? Need a last-minute gift? Can't spend too much on your celebration? Try this one! It's a guaranteed cat-pleaser.

How will you celebrate National Love Your Pet Day?