Cool Treats Your Cat Will Love
The summer’s just starting to come full-swing and man is it hot! While you’re jumping in pools, eating ice cream and slinging back Slurpee’s to cool off, your kitty is stuck with boring water! Here’s a couple of easy and delicious treats to help kitty beat the heat! Check with your vet before trying any
the thing actually out performed itself
I purchased our first litter robot 11/16/2005 the thing actually out performed itself. The motor still works along with the cycling every thing still works as it did the first day. We had to replace it today because the cat loved it so much, he put it through so many cycles in the past 7+
We have guest come to our home and they can not believe we have a cat.
This is the best product. We have guest come to our home and they can not believe we have a cat. Totally worth every penny. I recommend this to all my friends who have cats. Dadrienne Dawsonville, GA
Thank You For Such A Wonderful Product!
This product saved my cat!! I cannot say enough good things about this product!  I researched for months about different automatic litter boxes and finally decided to take a leap of faith after all the great reviews and spend my income tax refund on the litter robot(since it’s price tag is not chump change for
I Finally Decided To Order The Litter-Robot!
I have been looking at the Litter Robot online for the last 2-3 years but just could not bring myself to pay that much for a litter box. The supplies for the Breeze litter system are getting harder to find so I finally decided to order the Litter Robot. I received my Litter Robot about
After 1 Day I Already Like It!
I have only had the robot 1 day and already really like it! My cat “Dexter” watched very closely as I set it up (he’s always right there when I clean his litter box, then he has to use it as soon as it’s all clean). Dexter watched the first cycle from a distance with
The Best Buy I Could Have Invested In
Like every-one’s comments, I was a little hesitant to purchase due to the price. It was the best buy I could have invested in. It works great and my cat adapted right away. It is so nice not having to clean a litter box daily. One thing I would recommend is buying the gate. My
Skip the Frustration and Get a Litter-Robot
When I got my cats, about 5 years ago, I spent a long time reading reviews on self cleaning litter boxes. The only common thread was that when people got frustrated with the box they had purchased they got a Litter Robot. So, I decided to skip the frustration and get one and I am
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