The Best Cat Furniture
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The Best Cat Furniture

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Sure, your cat loves you plenty, but sometimes it just wants to go play on stuff. You and your cat will love each other all the more if you get it some awesome play structures, especially if the alternative is your cat bouncing around and tearing up your furniture. Here is some of the best cat furniture on the market.

Cat Scratching Posts

Perhaps the most classic and iconic piece of cat furniture is the scratching post. Simple. Elegant. Useful. There’s nothing that this perfect piece lacks, and they’re simple and affordable, to boot! They come in every imaginable size, shape, color and even texture, so whatever your interior design scheme is now, there’s sure to be a scratching post that will suit it well and not stick out like a sore thumb. You can pick them up at your local pet store, and without breaking the bank, but, if you’re feeling crafty, you can definitely take on the project of making one yourself. All you need is some wood, nails, a hammer, some carpet or other sturdy textile and some carpentry know-how and you’ve got yourself (and, more importantly, your cat) a great, homemade scratching post. Keep your cat from scratching your couch to shreds and get a scratching post today!

Cat Tree Furniture

A slightly more involved DIY project, but still completely possible, the cat tree is a similarly popular, albeit quite a bit larger, piece of cat furniture that is sure to keep your cat occupied and off of your nice sofa for hours on end. It’s commonly known that cats love exploring the high places in your home (e.g., refrigerators, bookshelves, cabinets, mantles covered in expensively framed family pictures, etc.). Though it’s a bit more difficult to disguise a cat tree, your cat will love you forever if you go all out and purchase, or build, this legendary play structure. Come on! Do it!

Automated Pet Care Litter Box Hider

Another convenient kind of cat furniture, even more so for you than for your kitty, is litter box furniture. Litter boxes are inherently not the most lovely, appealing items in your home, and if they happen to exist in shared space, like a bathroom or laundry room, you may not want to be constantly confronted by a box of pee and poop. There happen to be all types of different litter box hiders, which turn your unsightly litter box into something more, like a shoe stand or a small shelf. If you’ve already got a Litter-Robot and are still adjusting to its size and general appearance, you may be interested in disguising it with a Litter Robot Cabinet, which immediately turns it into a more normal, less space-aged looking home furnishing. So, there are plenty of options. It all comes down to what you and your cat want in life. Decisions, decisions. We’ll talk to you soon!