Feeder-Robot: Care & Cleaning

Feeder-Robot can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Use mild soap and hand-wash removable parts. Wipe clean non-removable parts and let parts air dry completely before reassembling Feeder-Robot. DO NOT immerse the Control Panel or Base in water, as this may damage electronic components.

We recommend that you clean Feeder-Robot before its first use, and at least once a month after that. The best time to clean is when the Hopper and Food Bowl are already empty.

To Clean Feeder-Robot:

  1. Turn the unit OFF and unplug the unit.
  2. Remove the Food Bowl from the Food Bowl Holder and discard any remaining food in the Food Bowl or Food Bowl Holder.
  3. Remove the Hopper Lid by squeezing the handles toward one another.
  4. If there is any food in the Hopper, pour it into a container or bag for temporary storage. Ensure that there are no pieces of kibble trapped in the Food Chute or Dispenser.
  5. Lift the Hopper Insert out of the Hopper if using.
  6. Remove the Hopper by rotating the Hopper Lock Knob counterclockwise. Lift the Hopper away from the Base of the unit.
  7. Remove the Dispenser by simply sliding the Dispenser away from the unit. The rubber Dispenser Flap can also be removed from the Dispenser for cleaning.
  8. You may hand-wash with mild soap these removable parts: the Hopper Lid, Hopper Insert, Hopper, Dispenser, Dispenser Flap, and Food Bowl(s). 
  9. Wipe down non-removable parts that touch pet food with a mild cleaner: the Food Chute, the Food Bowl Holder, and the Status Indicator Tower. You may wish to use a small cleaning brush or toothbrush to clean food debris and residue from the Food Chute (with Dispenser removed). Test a small area, as some brushes could scratch plastic parts.
  10. Rinse (only removable parts) and let all parts air dry completely before reassembling Feeder-Robot. Reinstall the Dispenser, Hopper, and the Hopper Insert.
  11. Plug Feeder-Robot back in and press the Power button.
  12. Add and level out food to the fill line, then replace the Hopper Lid.

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