Feeder-Robot: Indicator Lights

Control Panel Lights

Power Button Lights 

  • Solid Blue: Unit is ON and connected to power
  • Solid red: Tower sensor error
  • Flashing red: Tower sensor disconnected 
  • Single Red Flash (with any button push): Control panel lockout is activated
  • Flashing white temporarily: Over-the-air firmware update. No action needs to be taken at this time.
  • Blinking Yellow (every 4 seconds): Unit is in Battery Backup Mode (if battery backup is installed)
  • Solid purple: Feed motor fault
  • Flashing purple: Feed motor disconnected

Gravity Mode Light

  • Solid white: Unit is in gravity mode

WiFi Status and Connect Light 

  • Blinking Yellow: Onboarding Mode
  • Blinking Blue: Connecting to the internet
  • Solid Blue: Onboarding complete. Unit is online and connected to the internet
  • Blinking Red: Disconnected from WiFi

Ambient Light Sensor 

  • Detects ambient light level for automatic dimming of indicator lights.

Quantity Lights 

  • Solid White: Number of lights illuminated indicates number portions dispensed or number of Meals depending on the button pressed (Portion or Meals). The Portion setting increments left to right, and the Meals setting increments right to left.

Status Indicator Lights

  • Solid Blue: Feeder is in Automatic Feeding Mode
  • Solid Yellow: Hopper is low indicating less than 20% food remaining
  • Solid Red: Hopper is critically low indicating less than 5% food remaining
  • Flashing Red: Dispenser is jammed 
  • Solid Purple: Food Bowl and Food Chute are full for 12+ hours (food has not been consumed)

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