I cannot onboard my Litter-Robot 3 to the Whisker app

First, download or update to the latest version of the Whisker app:

The onboarding process consists of four main steps:

1. Enabling the hot spot by pressing and holding the "empty" and "cycle" button at the same time until the power button turns blue.

2. Registering the unit with Whisker by scanning barcode and giving it a name

Serial number in use? Learn more

3. Connecting your Wi-Fi network to the robot (via Bluetooth or WiFi)

4. Confirming the unit has established a secure connection to the internet - unit then cycles and app shows success page

If any of these steps are not completed, the unit will not be considered onboarded properly.

Please try the following before proceeding with another attempt:

  1. Reboot your router and/or modem
  2. While the unit is at the Home position with the solid blue light, unplug your unit from the BASE, not the wall. (For Feeder-Robot, unplug from bottom of unit and plug back in)
  3. Wait 15 seconds, plug it back in, and allow it to cycle until the solid blue light comes on (“Ready” status).
  4. Log out of app (Menu -> Log Out) and log back in
  5. Proceed with onboarding

Please make sure you complete the process within 10 minutes and that you are broadcasting off 2.4 GHZ. The Litter-Robot and Feeder-Robot cannot access 5 GHZ connections.

The serial number can only be registered to one email address. Please check that no one else in the household has already registered the unit with their device and that it may be under a different email.

If you still experience issues onboarding, check for the following:

  • SSID network names must be under 31 characters
  • SSID network names cannot have certain characters- If you believe this is the issue, please provide us with your network name and we can confirm. If you do not wish to change your network name, you can attempt to onboard to a guest network. 
  • Network passwords must be between 8-31 characters and cannot have slashes, periods, @ signs, apostrophes, or spaces.
  • Unable to see hidden networks
  • Unable to view MAC address. Third party apps can.
  • Unable to connect to a network that does not have a password
  • Please make sure you're using the latest versions your phone's software/system: Apple (iOS 10.0 and higher) or Android (8.0 and higher). 
  • Unplug any Wi-Fi Boosters you have in your home until onboarding is complete. 
  • iPhone users: Try onboarding with your Bluetooth enabled. This will eliminate step 4 of connecting to the Litter-Robot's hotspot. If this still does not work, please disable Bluetooth and try onboarding again after a hard reset. This will prompt you to do step 4 again of selecting Litter-Robot's hotspot.
  • Android users: Androids have a Smart Network Switch that interferes with the connection to the Litter-Robot hotspot. Please enable Airplane Mode before attempting to onboard. When you get to step 4, simply turn on your WiFi, then choose Litter-Robot network and enter the neverscoop password and proceed with onboarding. For units that were manufactured after 1/1/21 - Android Bluetooth has been activated. Please make sure Bluetooth is enabled before onboarding. Using the Bluetooth will bypass step 4 completely.

Our Onboarding your Litter-Robot 3 video shows you step by step how to get everything set up with your Wi-Fi. The video still mentions the "AutoPets Connect" name as it was just updated to Whisker - once we have a new video with the Whisker name, we will update the link.

If you are still having issues onboarding, be as detailed as possible and include your router name and model number. Feel free to include screenshots of when the failure occurs.

You can continue to use the Litter-Robot as a self-cleaning litter box while we troubleshoot this issue. It will still work as expected even without app activity.

We appreciate your patience and understanding with this matter and look forward to hearing back from you. 

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