Litter-Robot 3: Setting the spring key

The internal shield and spring key were removed from the design in 2018. 

  1. To remove the internal shield, follow the instructions in our Litter-Robot 3: Key and plug installation guide.
  2. Once you remove the internal shield, the globe will have a hole where the shield once was. We can send you a new key (with no spring) and a part to cover that hole, free of charge.
  3. Follow this link to add the Litter-Robot 3 Key and Plug Kit to your cart, then log into your Whisker account to ensure the discount code is applied to your order. If the discount isn't applied, ensure you are logged into your Whisker account and apply the code KEYANDPLUGKIT at checkout.
  4. Until the part arrives, you can cover the hole with a small piece of tape to prevent debris from entering.

It is highly recommended to remove the internal shield.

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