Litter-Robot 4: Carpet Tray Installation Guide

Litter-Robot 4 features the all-new SmartScale™ that lets you monitor kitty’s activity and weight through the Whisker app. If your Litter-Robot 4 sits on carpet thicker than 3mm(1/8 inch), you can improve the accuracy of SmartScale™ weight readings by placing our specially designed carpet tray between the unit and the floor.

  1. Place the carpet tray on the floor in the desired location of your Litter-Robot 4. The smooth side of the carpet tray should be facing up and the protruding end should be located where the rear of your Litter-Robot will sit.
  2. Set your Litter-Robot onto the carpet tray (lift under the rear base and front bezel).
  3. Ensure all four feet rest firmly on the carpet tray. If any of the four feet hang over the edge of the carpet tray, your Litter-Robot will become unstable.

  4. Press the Reset button to zero the weight sensors.

Carpet Tray is not required for Litter-Robot 4 to function.

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