Litter-Robot 4: Empty cycle

The Empty cycle allows you to empty all of the litter from the globe into the waste drawer for easy disposal. Use this cycle to change out the entire litter bed or before cleaning the globe.

How to use the Empty cycle

1. While the globe is in Home position with the blue light bar on, press the Empty button to start an Empty cycle. Upon pressing the Empty button, the globe rotates clockwise with the sequential round-robin yellow light bar indicating the rotational direction. 

2. As the globe rotates clockwise, litter will fall through the waste port and into the waste drawer. 

During an Empty cycle, press the Cycle, Reset, Empty, or Connect button to pause the cycle. Press the Cycle button to resume the cycle. Press the Reset button to abort the cycle and return the globe to the Home position.

3. After the litter is emptied, the globe pauses with the yellow light bar on and awaits your action. You may need to sweep any remaining litter toward the waste port.

4. Press the Cycle or Reset button to return the globe to the Home position.  

IMPORTANT: Supervise and prevent your cat from entering during the Empty Cycle

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