Litter-Robot 4: Purple Light Bar (Sleep Mode)

Litter-Robot is equipped with a Sleep Mode feature. When activated, this feature deactivates the Cat Sensors for a specified period of time, so the unit will not cycle automatically. 

Sleep Mode is useful for units located in bedrooms or areas where you may not want the Litter-Robot to cycle for a certain period of the day.

A 3-second long press of the Cycle button will enable Sleep Mode.

The Light Bar will change from blue to purple, indicating that Sleep Mode is active.

The unit is programmed with a default 8-hour sleep period and repeated every 24 hours. The start of the sleep period is determined by the time Sleep Mode was enabled.

This feature is also available in the Whisker app. You can enable and disable Sleep Mode and access additional programming options.

During the sleep period, the unit will monitor for a cat using the unit but will not perform a Clean cycle.

When the sleep period expires, the unit will change to Ready Mode, indicated by a blue Light Bar, and operate in Automatic Mode for the remainder of the 24-hour period. If the unit detected usage during the sleep period, a Clean cycle will be performed.

A 3-second long press of the Cycle button will disable Sleep Mode. 


Successful: The light bar will change from purple to blue, indicating that Sleep Mode has been disabled.

Unsuccessful: If you are still seeing a solid purple light bar, there's likely an issue with your Litter-Robot.

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