Litter-Robot 4: Reinstalling the Globe Liner Weight

During the shipping process, the Globe liner weight on your Litter-Robot 4 may become dislodged. This will be evident by a clunking or knocking noise in the Globe while Litter-Robot 4 is cycling—this is the sound of the Globe liner weight moving around. You may also notice that the Globe liner is no longer dropping down in the middle of the cycle, resulting in waste sticking to the liner. 

You will need a small flat head screwdriver.

To Install
1. Completely empty the litter from your Litter-Robot 4 Globe by pressing the Empty button on the control panel.


2. Open the Bonnet: Press and hold the latches on both sides of the Bonnet, then lift and rotate the Bonnet to its open position.


3. Remove the Globe: Using the handle, lift the Globe off the base.



4. Use a small flat head screwdriver to pry up the retainer clips located on the lower edge of the Globe liner. Repeat on the (2) adjacent retainer clips.


5. Ensure all (3) clips are unhooked, then pull the Globe liner retainer forward to expose access behind the liner.


6. Pull the Globe liner up and replace the weight in the liner pocket as shown. 


7. Reseat the front of the liner lip on the Globe.


8. Push the “fangs” of the liner retainer clips to the inside of the Globe.


9. First reseat the middle liner retainer clip.


10. Then reseat the remaining liner retainer clips.



11. Replace the Globe: Hold the Globe by the handle and slide it back into the base. Ensure the back of the Globe is sitting flush in the rear bearing pocket.


12. Close the Bonnet: Rotate the Bonnet downward over the Globe and push down on the Bonnet from the top to make sure it is latched and secure.



13. Refill the Globe with litter until it meets the raised fill line when spread flat.

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