Whisker App Features

App Features


The home screen is what you will see whenever you log in to the app. This page is a general status page for each of your units, showing the level of your waste drawer. From the home page, you can also access your settings screen and add a new unit. Click on the white square that reads {Litter-Robot Name} for access to your unit details.


This is the home page for each unit. The home page shows you the gauge level and current unit status. If you click the ? question mark next to status, it will explain the status in more detail. By clicking on the gauge itself, you can also reset your gauge when you empty the drawer. The Start Cycle button will allow you to start a unit cycle from anywhere in the world if your unit is in "ready status."


The insights page is used as a guide to better understand your cat’s behaviors with the unit. With only one cat in the household, the insights page can be used as a gauge to see how frequently your cat is using the unit each day, week, or month. This breakdown will help you understand your cat’s bathroom behaviors. Have more than one cat? That’s okay. Just use the graph to monitor status of the unit’s usage.

Remote Control

The remote acts as a wireless control panel for the Litter-Robot. Control everything in the app with the remote, such as updating your nickname, changing sleep mode, updating wait time, turning on and off your night light, and activating panel lockout. The remote also allows you to reset the gauge when you empty the unit, helping the app learn your emptying behaviors to better tailor our gauge to match your needs.


The settings screen allows you to update your password and see your account information. The settings screen also gives you access to our FAQ, Customer Support Portal, and Privacy Policy.


The history page on the app will show you every action your unit has taken. Whether it’s a cycle started, completed, or in progress, or a fault mode that you need to correct, the history page will tell you more about your unit. Additionally, feel free to click on an action to learn more about it.

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